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trouble starting rebuilt engine, and strange timing belt problem


15+ Year Contributor
Dec 23, 2004
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
ok, so im cranking my car over to see if it will turn on in the last 5 minutes f vo tech today, and it doesnt start over. and i notice that the timing belt right between the 2 cam gears is jumping up and down , like its bouncing on a trampoline. im fairly sure the timing belt isnt supposed to do that. i checked the timing after all that and it was still fine so it didnt jump teeth or anything, but before i rebuilt the engine i remember it being nice and flat. and my auto tensioner is working properly, all my pullies are fine too.


20+ Year Contributor
Nov 26, 2002
Los Angeles, California
mysticfire6602 said:
im gonna ask you to please leave this thread and all of my future threads.

I've got no problem with that, you seem to be more interested in listening to your buddies advice and don't answer reasonable questions which have prolonged this into countless replies trying to extract information. There are just so many ways to loose oil pressure. Now you report you do have 39 lbs oil but your gauge doesn't work and the switch is acting up. Do you realize how confusing that looks to _any_ reader ... Nobody has been as patient with you but there comes a point when the plug needs to be pulled.

While it may be true I am a jackass it still does not negate that you seem to have a problem which you don't to want to follow basic instruction. We had this discussion with the oil switch when some other poster said it wouldn't keep the engine from running. I explained why it would cause a no start, you apparently decided to ignore this or to ask your instructor. That was 2-3 weeks ago and here we are again and still not diagnosed. Maybe you are just not cut out for engine and electrical repair, maybe you don't take notes of what you read here of things to investigate... I've not sent you off in any wrong direction wasting your time however the bottom line is I've been wasting mine.

Good luck to you.
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