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setting my tps

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Probationary Member
Sep 13, 2006
clarksville, Tennessee
well ive followed the trying to get my tps set right but i cant get it perfect. With the ground on clip 4 and the power on clip 1 reading ohms it sits at 5.06 and with the power on clip 2 it reads .879-.881 and with the throttle plate fully open it reads 5.10, when i try to adjust the .10 out of the 5.10 reading i get a crazy closed throttle number. I just want someone opinion on what i should set my tps to be the most accurate.
anyone got any answers, ive read old forums where people talk about this but never say if i can be a couple of measurments off and still be okay.

Another thing when i set the throttle to 5 ohms while its completely open then i let it close, instead of reading .9 closed it reads like 83.6 or something really high, so i have to move it back to read .9 closed but then it reads 5.10 wide open. So i just want to know if i can leave it like it is.
I suggest you adjust the TPS when the throttle body is installed and you have the proper cable slack. First, I noticed that the VFAQ does not appear to be a 1G throttle body. I do not know if that will matter. I would use the factory manual as a guide. I recently adjusted my TPS and had no problems. Briefly here is the process:

Install the throttle body and adjust cable.

Disconnect the TPS/IPS plug at the firewall.

Makeup an alligator clip jumper wire set that connects the plugs and allows you to probe the voltage at terminal 2 and 3. (check this because I don't have my manual handy; polarity is important so please check the manual)

With the throttle closed, turn on the key (do not start) and test the voltage.

It should be 0.48 VOLTS to 0.52 VOLTS (note: volts, not ohms)

If it needs adjusted, loosen the screws enough to rotate the TPS until it reads in range.

Tighten the screws making sure that the voltage does not drift out of range when doing so.

One tip is not to have the screws too tight before you install the throttle body as the bottom one is difficult to access and if it is tight you will struggle to loosen it.

I hope this is helpful to you.
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