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Seafoam, confused...


Probationary Member
Jun 23, 2003
Today, after reading the 7 pages of posts on "seafoam," I tried the Seafoam engine cleaner. I did everything as instructed:
1) sucked the can in through the BOV->intake vacuum hose while holding 2500 RPMs
2) turned car off and let car sit for 15 minutes
3) turned car on and drove it around
4) changed the oil as it was due for 5000 mile change

Here are the results I got:
-CEL came during step 1 above (CEL has since come off with the next crank up)
-some, as in just enough to notice, smoke came out the back during step 1
-car seemed to drive with same performance before Seafoam was added

So, basically, nothing really happened. The wild and crazy results were not seen and the infamous huge smoke cloud that signifies all the carbon buildup being expelled was not witnessed. So what is so great about this stuff?! I need someone to tell me what I did wrong or that this stuff really isn't that effective.

Just FYI, here are the car's stats:
-98 Eclipse GST, basically stock
-95700 miles on the odometer
-operation performed in 40 degree weather

Let me know!?

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Proven Member
Jul 1, 2002
Charlotte, North_Carolina
That means you have a pretty clean combustion chamber :thumb:

On my talon I noticed a huge difference. But my talon is a 92 with 160,000 miles and when I bought it the valve stem seals were leaking and the head gasket was blown. So the was a lot a residue in the chambers. On my 99 galant I noticed no difference. That car has 70,000 miles and has been well taken care of.



Proven Member
Apr 29, 2002
Clovis, New_Mexico
Right after christmas I did the "seafoam" thing too. My car has 104K, and gets regular oil changes. I did the all the steps and reset the ecu to clear a code. My car runs great these last two days. With 650 injectors it never really has liked to idle in 30* weather but when it reaches 180* it runs awesome. I am amazed. I had some left over after the fuel treatment so I put some in the crankcase too. Oil pressure is up, lifter tick is super rare now. It just runs great. Good stuff.


Proven Member
Jun 30, 2003
Colorado Springs, Colorado
You didn't get any smoke?

The smoke cloud isn't the carbon burning off - it's the SeaFoam burning in the combustion chamber.

I don't understand how you ran this through the engine with no smoke produced.


Proven Member
Sep 28, 2002
Indanapolis, Indiana
Which SeaFoam did you guys use? @ 95,000, I'd like to clean mine out too...

Deep Creap or Motor Treatment?

Could someone send me a link to instructions of where to get the stuff? I checked out i'm not sure if that's where you guys went.

Let me know, Thanks and sorry for the questions..


Proven Member
Apr 29, 2002
Clovis, New_Mexico
this is the stuff to use.


  • seafoam.gif
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Supporting VIP
Jul 20, 2004
Janesville, Wisconsin
i just did it to man i got a spray and a bottle of it LOL i took off the hose by the tb sparyed it in there put some in the oil sparyed some in the vacum to the tb still no smoke LOL i prob did it wrong were are u guys sucking it up???? ill try that next


Proven Member
Feb 29, 2004
Madison, Wisconsin
Just ran a bottle through the "P" vaccum on the throttle body and had my friend hold it at 2500 and wow................ The car has 133,000 on her and i was amazed. Almost caused an accident infront of my house. She was smoking for a good 8 min. I thought it ran a lot better after that! :thumb: :talon:
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