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Please help with what seems to be frame issues


Probationary Member
Nov 23, 2014
New London, Ohio
Ok so to start off a just got a new 98 talon tsi. It came on tsw wheels and with it being winter time I decided to put the stock ones back on that it came with. So I went to jack the car up and noticed some issues, the frame rails going down the sides seem rusted out. I was trying to lift it and heard cracking and crushing so I looked under and the frame rail was bending to the jack and piece of wood between. Doing research I saw someone say that people commonly try to lift it by the (under seat frame) and that it tends to bend. I got a picture of it to post and would like some feedback. Am I trying to jack this car up by the wrong area? Is my frame rail rusted out and I need it fixed? Should I sell the car cause of how much work will be involved in fixing it? Thanks in advance, any help will be much appreciated


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15+ Year Contributor
Dec 28, 2006
Manahawkin, New_Jersey
I don't know how to answer your question not much of a body guy but if it helps at all I always just jack my car up from under the rear diff and under the front cross member. Essentially lifting both rear and both front wheels at the same time.


Supporting Vendor
Mar 10, 2006
McKinney, Texas
You are suppose to use the pinched seams along the side to jack up your car. See red arrow. It's where the OEM scissor jack goes. You can also use areas of the subframes. The two large flat rails where never meant to support load like that. Even when they where new you would have crushed them.
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Probationary Member
Nov 23, 2014
New London, Ohio
Hey everyone I just wanna let you know I appreciate the feedback. Helped somebody new to dsms out a lot. I was worried this car wouldn't be any good for starting to make more power with and that I would need to find a new one. Again, thanks eveyone


10+ Year Contributor
Jun 14, 2012
Bellwood, Pennsylvania
You can use that rail for a floor jack. Its how I do it on mine and every other unibody car. Also how I was taught. Never had a problem if you know what your doing and place jack at the right place. Also use it to hold the car up with floor jacks.


15+ Year Contributor
Nov 9, 2003
Calgary, AB_Canada
Don't use those rails to jack.

I had to fix what some fool PO did to my car. Caved in that rail till it hit the seat reinforcements. Those rails are 1 formed layer of probably 19ga or thinner metal. Don't jack on the pinch welds in the middle of the door either. :p

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Jack on the pinch welds. They are notched to indicate where to jack. Or use the rear diff/crossmember, or front centermember as listed in the FSM.
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