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Name that spring...


Probationary Member
Oct 31, 2004
Cincinnati, Ohio
First off, I guess I'll give the background.

I bought a head advertised as an "SBR", off a gentleman on Craiglist last year. While I already had a good built head. I figured I couldnt pass on this one. It was priced cheap(like $400 or something). Plus was thinking of building a spare motor, since I already had another block(I run a 7 bolt :nono: LOL).

Upon inspecting the head, I was leery it was really SBR, but it had Comp Cams(101-201/101-202's), nice cam gears, aftermarket valves. The journals looked good. Ports were worked over and looked decent. The oil port mod hadnt been done. What really threw me off was the fact the intake side wasnt gasket matched. I've never bought an SBR head, but seems even their stage 1 head would have some material hogged out of the intake ports. But I figured the cams and head alone were worth the price. So I bought it(and it's sat since LOL).

So I finally messed with the head over the weekend. I'm looking over the guts and notice the springs have no seats. There just riding on the head, nothing in between.

Now it's been a long time since I've seen a stock head, but as I recall even they have a seat under each spring. Correct?

So this head, which supposedly has aftermarket springs, most definitely should. I know the head I built does.

This leads me to my next Q. Can somebody take a stab at what spring this is in the provided pic? I cant recall if he told me when I bought the head. They all have a little green paint marking, as you see in the pic.

Lastly if anyone is interested in the guts of this head, and feel like driving to Cincinnati. Shoot me an email, with reasonable offer (repoman3809 at yahoo). That's the Comp Cams(101-201/101-202's / 272's I think), whatever springs these are. As well as the rollers and lifters(r the big bore/3g lifters).

I'm keeping the head and valves. :p . Of course if you need some to complete a build. I got stock cams and valves(there good). There yours for free if you buy the other stuff. I'm also going list the stuff on Craigslist.


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    4g63 Spring.jpg
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    4g63 Spring2.jpg
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DSM Wiseman
Aug 16, 2004
Columbia, Missouri
If it is messed up than i would suspect that it is in fact a sbr head.


Probationary Member
Oct 31, 2004
Cincinnati, Ohio
LOL... bad experience with em? Na, the head/parts appear fine. Honestly I do not believe it's SBR anyway. It does have SBR hand engraved in the head, but anyone could've did it with a flathead. There's really no porting done and the polishing is suspect.

Well even though I searched the everything under the sun looking for my answer, before I started this thread. I guess I didnt type in the proper keywords. I just happened across a thread BogusSVO was kind enough to provide "Valve spring comparison- Stock, HKS, BC1100".

The springs in Q appear to be HKS.

So it appears I made the right move on buying regardless if SBR or some punk with air tools did the port and polish. Comp Cams/HKS springs/3g lifters and a straight/clean head for $400. Now it's time to move the stuff.
Last edited:


Proven Member
Jul 1, 2009
Pensacola, Florida
Repo.... Funny... I was going to link you to that thread.

Also, YES there should be some sort od steel seat/shim between the spring and the head casting.

It keeps the springs from digging into the soft alum casting.
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