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Drag Race Build my journey to a 9sec street car

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


10+ Year Contributor
Sep 22, 2011
chillicothe, Ohio
so I figured it was time to make a new build thread for the new car. my old 91 as I mentioned in its thread had started on a downward spiral. after finding all the rust on it I decided I needed to take a different route on my plan. I had a bud that had this 92 awd shell he had been looking to get rid of so I made the deal and picked it up.

it was originally a 5spd car but that soon changed. I had already started getting parts together for an auto swap. now everything just had to go into this chassis.







all done here getting its initial drivabillity tune.

first time taking it out for a cruise.

i bought the car in january and had it running and driving by october. I did have a few bugs I had to work out over the next few months. car also got a bit of a diet with a set of kirkeys, removed sound deadening, and removed the interior panels behind the back seats.











so got the bugs worked out of the car. we got it tuned on wastegate pressure just in time to take it to the 2017 dsm shootout to make some shakedown passes in the car. car went a best of 10.89@ 125.6 with a 1.56 60'. ive since then ran into issues with the intank walbro 450. so building a home made bolt in fuel cell and going to be running a magnafuel mp-4303 pump. more pics soon to come.
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got a couple updates for the winter. still saving to get the cage done so itll be legal.


new steering wheel I got from the gf for Christmas. now to get the install kit and slim quick release for it.


got these rear diffusers installed. got these on a stupidly great deal off ebay.


the full ass shot of how she looks now. need to find some better looking stock tails. im not too happy with how these came out so they gotta go.
so decided the tinted tails had to be changed. so got some wet/dry sand paper and went to town


little before and after comparison


going to buff them next to get them to shine again. waiting on my steering wheel hub and my tablet mount to come in to get them installed.
figured id post some more pics of when we were getting the car together.


the first weekend I got her home and started tearing the 91 apart to start transplanting everything over to the 92 shell.


putting the true street front crossmember in. waited forever on this and the mustache bar LOL.


swapped the old 5spd 4 bolt out in favor for the auto unit and installed the mustache bar.


the day the heart was put in. this was totally by accident LOL brought the motor and stuff home from my dads and wasn't planning on putting it in that day but once we got it on the cherry picker it was game on.


all new goodies from the oem and kiggly flavors. at this point I was waiting on my trans to be built so I was getting everything ready.


then decided to put the manifold and turbo on. they were right at home there


got the new e85 safe lines ran then.


was getting to put this on and decided it needed a better look than the all raw aluminum. came out looking damn good.


at this point I had already had the car running and driving put it in a buddies garage for the winter to get some other things done. rear crash bar was rotted to hell so it had to go. among other things so I could get some weight dropped.


sound deadening was next on the list. was such a pita to get that stuff out LOL still have some more to take out once I take the dash out for the cage.


stock seats got tossed in favor of the much lighter kirkey counterparts. these are surprisingly comfy as well.

so after all of this stuff being done we got the tune and went on to shootout. a week or so after shootout I was having issues with the car breaking up and giving me all kinds of hell. finally traced it down to the walbro 450 getting hot and dropping fuel pressure off in boost. I had already had the magnafuel mp-4303 sitting on the shelf waiting for the winter to go on the car. decided it was time to throw it on. the plan was since the jm fab cell was so damn expensive (im a broke man LOL) that we would just build one from a regular 10 gallon cell for much much less.


day I picked everything up. ended up not using the bolt in rollover since the cell had one already welded in. so we then got to work. I designed everything and had a buddy weld it all up.




this was the last semi unfinished photo I have of it. I have pics posted above of the finished outcome. fit like a glove and sits about the same height as the jm fab unit.


  • image12.jpeg
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some small updates to the car. at shootout I realized that trying to reach over to the passenger seat to hit the record datalog button on the laptop was a chore once strapped in. so I decide to make life easier for this coming season. bought a windows tablet that would support link and also bought a mount for the car to put it in arms reach without effort.


picked this guy up for $22 on ebay. only thing I noticed that I might be concerned about is the pins they used to hold the plastic parts to the rods. might put bolts and nuts in their place if they don't hold up. otherwise was well built for the money.



install was super easy. had it in within like 5 minutes. bolts to one of the seat mount bolts then adjusts from there. nice thing is that I can easily remove it when the gf and I go out and take the car.


this finally came in so I can get the steering wheel installed. it was ordered like a month ago and momo took their sweet time to get it shipped out.
That tablet idea is pretty cool. I was thinking about mounting a smaller one in front of the oem gauge cluster.
with the deal I got on the tablet from best buy I couldn't pass it up. im just glad with the mount now I don't have to struggle hitting the record button for the datalog once im strapped in the car LOL.
thinking about ordering this soon for the car.

start out with an 8pt moly cage and just add on to it when needed or if needed. this will save me a ton of money over the 10 pt options I was looking at before.
just a quick little update. cant have a street car if you don't drive it at night some LOL



much better over the old halogens. going to sand and buff the headlights soon so they look much better.
Do the full 8.50 cage right off. I didn't and I regret it all the time.
that's been my struggle deciding on. I know its going to need the 8.50 but even on gate pressure the car is too fast without at least a roll bar in it. money has also been an issue as well.
nothing much going on with mine. going to order the cage for it this weekend and getting things put together to have the car put on the dyno in the next few weeks or so to get it turned up. decided the ole girl needed a bath since the weather was nice yesterday.



What fuel cell is that? My oem gas tank is leaking so I'm thinking about buying a fuel cell to replace it. Not man enough to run the rpf1s anymore? :)
What fuel cell is that? My oem gas tank is leaking so I'm thinking about buying a fuel cell to replace it. Not man enough to run the rpf1s anymore? :)
LOL the rpf1s have my drag radials so theyre tucked away till it stays warm out. the fuel cell is a home built unit because im poor and jm fab was over $600 LOL
Lookin good man! I second @bastarddsm, I didn't get the 8.50 cert cage off the bat and it is a party trying to add the front bars with the rest of it welded in place. SW racecars will not disappoint though - definitely a good choice!
Lookin good man! I second @bastarddsm, I didn't get the 8.50 cert cage off the bat and it is a party trying to add the front bars with the rest of it welded in place. SW racecars will not disappoint though - definitely a good choice!
im thinking im going to order the 10 pt from kens at this point. from talking with them itll be a good fit with all of the interior still in the car. the only thing im kinda concerned which I need to email them again is the rear bars and how they'll fit with the back seat. im not going to have anyone back there but id like for them to fit around the seat ok.
You could always get the rear bars from SW. They have the dimensions to make the rear seats fit like @goonie90gsx rear bars are.
I might look into that. see if they can bend me some in 1-3/4 chomoly. might also ask kens how long the bars they send are and see if I can just bend them once I get them to get it to work.
just a small update. figured since I was adding a cage to the car this little guy would come in handy




where its gonna sit till the weather clears up here. still got a couple odds and ends parts I want to get ordered along with my cage in the next few weeks. trying to move a few parts I have laying around to get things ordered as well.
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