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How to work with stainless braided hose and AN fittings

Posted by Black94DSM, Mar 7, 2006

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  1. Black94DSM

    Black94DSM Proven Member

    Joined Jan 17, 2006
    Madison Heights, Michigan
    Ok since there has been alot of wondering what is the right way to do this, i took it into my own hands to show you. I've been meaning to do this for a while now since i burned through my turbos SS Oil Return line a few months back(Wastegate dump right above the SS line). So here you guys go.

    I'll be making a new Oil Return Line for my Turbo.

    Start off by gathering all the parts you will need. New line of course, all your fittings(in my case only 2) safety glasses, and your cutting tool. Heres what I started with. You can see here in this pic that I already took apart the old line and set it next to the new line. Man that exhaust gas really puts a toll on these lines, it burned the Rubber inside so it was super flexable, yet still looked decent on the outside.

    Ok now on to the work. Measure out the length of the SS Line you need to cut. Take some Masking tape or Painters tape ( I used the blue Painters Tape )and roll it around the SS Line, then mark with a pen or marker where you want to make your cut.

    This is what im using to make my cut. Just a normal electric drill, with a cut off disc put on it. Nothing really special here.

    Ok so having done this for the 3 time now(yeah i know i need a new dump tube for my wastegate LOL) i set up the SS Line on the end of my work bench. Then i took a large C-Clamp and clamped it to the end of the bench. Note that i only clamped it down enough to just hold the line in place. I did not tighten it down so hard that it pinched the line.

    Now its time to make your cut, but of course you cant forget your Safety Glasses!!!

    Start making your cut on the top of the SS Line. Go slow, let the drill do the work for you, plus you dont want to bind it up and fray the SS over lay. I made it half way through and stopped as i noticed it was hard to get to the underside.

    Flipped the SS Line over and made my final cut.

    Here is what it looked like after all was done. Notice how the SS over lay was not frayed and looks nice and tight against the rubber inside the Line.

    I then grabed up my fitting and took it apart as shown.

    Take the tape off the newly cut end like this.
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  2. Black94DSM

    Black94DSM Proven Member

    Joined Jan 17, 2006
    Madison Heights, Michigan
    Insert it into the Fitting end like this. Make sure to get the line in there without pulling up any of the SS overlay.

    Here is a pic of the line in the Fitting end, notice its only pushed in just a little.

    Now you need to bash the fitting on a counter top like shown here. What you are trying to go for here it to seat the line all the way up to the end of the fitting.

    Here is a pic of the line all the way to the seat of the Fitting.

    Grab the other side of the fitting and put some oil on the end of it. This helps to ease it in while tightening the fitting.

    Start threading in.

    Tighten down to both ends come close if not touch eachother. I put that blue tape there just on the lip of the red fitting end, so i can see how much the line was going to walk back out of the fitting when tightening down. It did not move at all. Then i just took the tape off.

    Now your done with one side! Do the other side the same way.

    Here is a pic of my finished product. Hope this helps everybody.

    Make sure you clean the inside of the line out as there will be some metal flakes in there from the cutting of the line.

    As sugguested i will include the part numbers to make the Oil Return line shown above.

    3ft of Aeroquip SS -10 Line - FCA1003
    1 Aeroquip -10 Straight Fitting - FCM1014
    1 Aeroquip -10 45 Degree Fitting - FCM4024

    And to make this work you will need the adapter fittings for your turbo and oil pan. I bought mine from Slowboyracing.com. Shown here for the turbo.
    And here for the oil pan.
    Cant seem to find the oil pan fitting from them. Im sure many other venders sell it though.

    Slowbody does however sell the complete kit.

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