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How To Wire an Aftermarket Alarm System

These are directions on how to wire an aftermarket alarm system into a 1g.
The install vehicle is a 92 Laser AWD and the alarm i used was a Viper 350 Plus.
I use a greddy turbo timer on my vehicle as well and will give directions on how to wire the alarm with and with/out the turbo timer.
This article is intended only as a guide, I accept no responsibility for damage to you or your vehicle.
If you are unsure after reading these instructions then I strongly advise you to take your car to a professional alarm installer.

Tools Needed:
Wire Strippers/cutters
Phillips Screwdrivers
Precision flat screwdriver
10mm Socket
Soldering Iron
Electric Tape and/or Heat Gun and Shrink Tubing
Drill (depending on siren mounting location)
2 ground ring terminals (I had some blue with large diameter rings, if you use the blue fold the wire in half to double its thickness)
Note: Having a turbo timer harness makes the ignition wiring A LOT easier

Wire Info:
Constant Power - White Wire - Ignition Harness
Ignition - Black/White Wire - Ignition Harness
Accessory - Blue/Black Wire - Ignition Harness
Starter - Black/Yellow Wire - Ignition Harness
Parking Lights - Gray - Steering Column Harness
Door Trigger - Green/Red - Above Fuse Panel
Door Unlock - Brown/White - Relay above Clutch
Door Lock - Brown/Blue - Relay above Clutch

Alarm wires used:
Constant Power (may be called 12v power)
Ignition (may be called switched power)
Starter (2 wires)
(-) Door Trigger
Light Flash (if there is both a pos and neg light wire use the neg)
(-) Door Unlock
(-) Door Lock
Siren Output


Phase 1: Find and Verify your Wires
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Remove the knee protector (bellow steering wheel, 4 screws), and the air ducting (one screw each)
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Tucked up by the steering wheel is several harnesses including the ignition harness (black and blue harness) and a white harness that includes the parking lights.
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Get your multimeter (set at 20v DV) and grab the 6 pin ignition harness, on this harness we will want to check 3 wires the power, starter and ignition (accessory if you are using a turbo timer)

On the car side (engine bay side) of the harness the white wire is your 12v source, check to make sure it has 12v with the key off.
Now put your key in the ignition and turn the key to on (do not start the car), check the black/white ignition wire (or blue/black accessory wire if you have a turbo timer) it should now have 12v; turn the key off and it should now have 0v
Now find the Black/Yellow wire, this is the starter wire, have your multimeter prepped in the wire and grounded now start the car and watch for 12v as you start the car.

Now go to the white harness near the ignition harness and on the far right side there should be a gray wire, insert your multimeter it should read 12v, now turn your lights on and it should read 0v
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Next look down by your fuse panel, there should be wiring harnesses above it, the second white one on the inside has your door trigger switch.
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Find the Green/Red wire, this wire should have 12v, now push in the door trigger and it should now have 0 volts
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Now find the relays up above the clutch pedal, remove the two screws to give you better access, now find the Brown/White and Brown/Blue wires on the far left relay .
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Turn the key to on, the Brown/Blue wire should show 12v, now lock the doors and it should momentary go to 0v
Now check the Brown/White wire, it should also read 12v, now unlock the doors and it will momentary go to 0v

Phase 2: Wire in your alarm
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: On all wires except the starter, T into the wire by carefully trimming away the plastic to expose the metal wire.
On all connections make sure to fully cover the exposed wiring with heat shrink tubing or at least good electric tape.

Disconnect the neg terminal of your battery to avoid damage to your alarm or vehicle's electric system

Go ahead and unclip any of the harnesses going to the junction box that are going to be in the way.
It will aslo be a lot easier if you remove the door lock/unlock wires from the relay piece.
To remove the pin slide your precision screw driver (or paper clip) in and pry the plastic tab up, then the wire should pull right out
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For a cleaner install collect all of the wires you will not be using on the alarm and cut them down to 6-9in and wrap them up with electric tape.

On your alarm unit make sure the switch/jumper is set for neg polarity lights (skip this step if your alarm has separate (-) and (+) light wires).
Now you can mount the brain, i chose to put mine up near the wires above the clutch pedal area.
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Start with wiring your ignition harness, you will want to use the car side (closest to engine) of the harness (if you have a turbo timer harness you can do all your wiring into it and make things a lot easier on yourself).

Cut your starter Wire (Black/Yellow), now wire up the key side starter wire of the alarm to the key side of the wire you cut on the harness and wire the starter side wire to the other side

Now wire your constant 12v wire to the white wire on your ignition harness
If you have a turbo timer wire your alarm ignition wire to the blue/black accessory wire.
If you are not using a turbo timer wire the alarm ignition wire to the black/white ignition wire.
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Next wire in the parking light wire to the gray wire at the steering column harness you found earlier (if there is a + and a - wire on the alarm use the - ).

Now wire in the (-) door trigger wire to the Green/Red wire you found earlier from the harness above the fuse panel.

Next wire your door looks. Most all alarms have a wire that is (+) Lock/(-) Unlock and one that is (+) Unlock/(-) Lock
Wire the (-) Unlock to the Brown/White wire from the lock relay, and the (-) lock wire to the Brown/Blue wire.

Now run your ground wire, I put mine by the lower kick panel like so:
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Then go and run your siren signal wire, i ran my wire through the steering column boot like so:
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Now run your antenna and vallet/override switch wires (on some systems these are integrated into one unit).
I mounted my antenna/switch up by the rear view mirror as directed in the manual.

Now find a good spot to mount your siren, i mounted mine behind the light on the passenger side like this:
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After you mount it connect the power wire to the wire you ran through the firewall earlier.
Then ground the siren to chassis using a terminal ring.

You can now plug back in all your wiring harnesses.

Once everything is connected up good then reconnect your battery
NOTE: On some alarms this might cause the alarm to sound so be ready with your remote to disarm it

If you need to make any setting adjustments to your alarm do so according to the factory manual. I used all the default settings on my Viper alarm.

Test your alarm to ensure it is working properly.
If you have a turbo timer then test that you can arm the car and that when the turbo timer turns off the alarm is still off.

After you have tested the alarm you can bolt everything back up in reverse order that you removed it and enjoy your new alarm/keyless entry.
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