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How to program a Keyless Remote [Merged 5-7] fob reprogram programming alarm buttons

Posted by talontuner95, Nov 29, 2002

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  1. weaponx122412

    weaponx122412 Proven Member

    Joined May 21, 2012
    Frederick, Maryland
    Jeff99gs.. I saw one of your posts saying that you have a RKE/security module from an old talon.. what year talon was it in & do you know the module ID or part number? I ask this because my 91 gsx has a security module, but no RKE (remote keyless entry) & I know the 1gb's came with RKE. So I'm trying to see if the wiring & harness is the same so I could possibly just switch modules & then have a factory RKE/security system. Any help or opinions/advice would be much appreciated.

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    1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    manual · 1G DSM
  2. evileclipse909

    evileclipse909 Proven Member

    Joined Sep 17, 2007
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    So I've searched and read this entire thread but haven't come across the same sinario I have. I've got a 98 gst that didn't come with factory keyless. I also have a 95 gsx shell and another 98 gst shell. That both do have the keyless module near the rear speaker. I don't wanna mess with my 98 shell but I was wondering if I could take the module out of the 95 and put it in my running 98 that isn't equipped with keyless, buy a remote and make it work?

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    1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    manual · 2G DSM
  3. kujo

    kujo Probationary Member

    Joined Dec 19, 2012
    Phoenix, Arizona
    I could not get my key fob for a 3g eclipse to work can someone please help? I thought on the first page it said the newer ones would work. I followed the 97+ steps and after turning the key the locks went off like they should. But when I pressed the buttons 3 times nothing happened. Has anyone ever gotten a 3g eclipse fob to work?
  4. MindBlowin03

    MindBlowin03 Proven Member

    Joined Apr 11, 2002
    Peckville, Pennsylvania
    3Gs are different. Try searching Google. I did my mother's 3G a while back with a little Google help.

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    1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST
    fwd · manual · 2G DSM

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    1997 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    608 whp · 510 lb/ft · 2G DSM
  5. Spooled420a

    Spooled420a Proven Member

    Joined Nov 14, 2012
    rustburg, Virginia
    Can you add at factory alarm to your car if it didn't come equipped with one?

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    1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    manual · 2G DSM
  6. arabeclipse

    arabeclipse Proven Member

    Joined Sep 23, 2011
    detroit, Michigan
    Of course.

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    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    manual · 2G DSM
  7. 1G Eclipse94928

    1G Eclipse94928 Proven Member

    Joined Apr 3, 2013
    Rohnert Park, California
    Did you ever figure it out? I have the same system (Except its working)

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    1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    manual · 1G DSM
  8. kujo

    kujo Probationary Member

    Joined Dec 19, 2012
    Phoenix, Arizona
    I finally got mine programed. I kept an eye out for any key fobs for sale and found the right one on ebay for only $16 and free shipping. After I got it I followed the 97+ instructions and it worked right away. As others have stated make sure you know the pin numbering. I didnt look it up thinking it cant be that hard just go left to right top to bottom in order and then I blew my fuse to my door locks LOL.
  9. eclipse420ags

    eclipse420ags Proven Member

    Joined Feb 20, 2010
    Martinez, Georgia
    Nice I stumbled upon this thread a week ago and little to my knowledge I have keyless entry to. Still lookin though ebay though. Did you get the square or oval clicker?
  10. spyderdrifter

    spyderdrifter Freelancer

    Joined Jul 11, 2009
    Fountain, Colorado
    I bought one a couple weeks ago and did the programming as well. Make sure your doors are closed after you jump the pins or none of the process will work. The first how-to I read for programming didn't state this so I ended up thinking I couldn't do it.

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    1996 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    awd · manual · 2G DSM

    2K  3

    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    awd · manual · 2G DSM

    2K  5

    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse N/T
    automatic · 2G DSM
  11. Black Widow97

    Black Widow97 Proven Member

    Joined Sep 2, 2010
    Oxbow, North Dakota
    Has anyone ever tried programming a third gen eclipse FOB in a 2G? I got a couple 3G fobs from a totaled eclipse at work, and am just curious if they would work?

    2K  0

    1997 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    12.943 @ 112.280 · 2G DSM
  12. kujo

    kujo Probationary Member

    Joined Dec 19, 2012
    Phoenix, Arizona
    eclipse 420ags I ordered the three button remote. the modle number was GQ43VT6T. It took me some time to fine one in good shape and at the right price so don't give up. I just google searched the modle number every once and a while and looked through the shopping section.

    black widow97 I know first hand that the 3g eclipse remotes do not work. my first car was a 3g eclipse and I found my spare keys one day and tried it with no luck.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2014
  13. just5_0

    just5_0 Proven Member

    Joined Feb 8, 2013
    rogersville, Tennessee
    I tried jumping pin 1 to pin 4 and it didnt work on my 98 gst and if i ground pin 1 to metal it just blows the door lock fuse. Is there anyway to reprogram my new fobs? Tried using the hazard light button like on 3gs but that didnt work. I put a paperclip in pin 1 to 4 and shut the doors nothing so i left the jumper wire in took the batt cable off waited a sec put the batt cable back on and turned the acc on back off but nothing. What am i doing wrong?
  14. DSM_GSX01

    DSM_GSX01 Proven Member

    Joined Jul 27, 2011
    La Junta, Colorado
    I have Early 95 eclipse. I want to get key fobs for it but all i can find is post i have read. I got a key fob with car it didnt work. But it is a two button fob. Can i get a 3 button key fob for it? I have read you cant use a 3 button on a Early 95? Any luck out there?

    Drag Race Build 1K  1

    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    manual · 2G DSM
  15. ist dwa

    ist dwa Proven Member

    Joined Nov 5, 2009
    Centerville, Ohio
    Keyless programming for 97+ DSM's
    To reprogram your keyless entry system for a new key fob:
    1) Turn ignition to OFF.
    2) Using the smallest paper clips they make connect pin 1 (yellow wire - central door locking ecu) to pin 4 (black wire - chassis ground) at the Data Link Connector (AKA- OBDII Port) 16-pin black trapazoid looking plug under the drivers side dash on the right side closest to the tunnel hull. Grounding pin 1 tells the system you are getting ready to reprogram it.
    3) Close all the doors.
    4) Turn the key to ACC, then back to OFF. The power locks will lock/unlock. The system is now ready to be programmed.
    5) Press a button on your key fob.
    6) If you have two key fobs, press a button on the second fob within 1 minute of pressing a button on the first one. Both must be programmed at the same time. If you only have one remote, press a button on it 2 more times to signal that you only have one.
    7) The doors will lock/unlock to signal that the codes were received.
    8) Remove the connection between pins 1 & 4.

    When the lock button is hit the interior lights will flash twice and it sets the OEM alarm, this is verified by the green security light in the cluster coming on. The horn does not honk, nor do the head/tails flash either.

    Pic attached of the connector and the corresponding pins. fob.jpg
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  16. Drop Top Road Trip

    Drop Top Road Trip Proven Member

    Joined Oct 13, 2015
    St. Louis, Missouri

    Just used this method to get my $20 craigslist factory remote working (yes...at 2:00am. I'm a night owl). Thanks so much, this forum and you guys are a treasure of knowledge. Only issue I had is figuring out where Pin 1 and Pin 4 were. Google Images to the rescue. Thanks again, one more item checked off the list.

    Street Build 2K  5

    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST
    fwd · manual · 2G DSM

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