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How to Install an MR2 Power Steering Pump.

Posted by miguelmcv, Sep 25, 2011

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  1. miguelmcv

    miguelmcv Proven Member

    Joined May 3, 2009
    Fresno, California
    On this Article I will tell you, how to wire up an MR2 Power Steering System, so It can Work Like It supposed to work (The Factory Way).

    I will not tell you how to Install the pump, brackets, lines or fittings, Which It all depends on where you want it, or which lines you want to use.

    I will tell you, ONLY the wiring process, which is the more problematic part.

    Any ways, I will be happy to give any Info or answer any question that you could off have.

    First,,, You will need the fallowing From a 1991 to 1995 MR2.

    MR2 Steering Sensor.
    MR2 Steering pump.
    MR2 ECU.
    MR2 Driver.
    MR2 Relay, ( or you can use any aftermarket High amp Relay).
    MR2 Steering System Wiring, ( or you can wire it your self).
    If you don't get the Wire harness, then, you need to buy all the connectors for the ECU, Driver, Pump and Relay.

    The price on all this parts depends on, Where, Who, or Why they are selling it.
    They run from $350 to $450 at Ebay (All Parts).
    But, If you get them from a Junkyard, It will be almost Half of the price, (Good Luck).

    About Mounting the Pump,...... It depends on which route you go..
    If you go with custom Hydraulic hoses, It will be cheaper, But, If you go with AN, Then it will be more Many to spend.
    The Price is your choice.

    If you know how to read a Diagram, then it will be easy for you.

    If you get the Full Harness, it will be way, way easier, because all the wiring from the ECU to the Driver, Pump and Relay, will be all wired.

    Now, to the process.

    1.-- You need to Connect the (primary) + wire.
    This is a Red with Blue Stripe, or Red with Black Stripe, Both wires are for the same line, The Red with Blue stripe wire, will change after a Connector, so it becomes to be Red with Black.
    Connect this wire to the Switch, It will enable the pump, But will not enable the Full System, It will need the (Secondary) + Line to be hooked up for the Full system to be Enable.

    2.-- you need to Connect the (Secondary) + wire.
    This is a Blue with Yellow Stripe, This wire Needs to be hooked up to any line that has +, ONLY, ( when the Engine is ON).
    (This is for the System to be Enable only when the engine is ON).

    Now, The Steering ECU, will enable just the pump, when the (primary)+ is connected, so, the (Secondary) +, needs to be Low ground it, to Disable the pump, when the engine is not ON, so You need to add a 1K omn to the ( secondary) + line.
    Adding a 1K omn (low grounded) to the (secondary) + line, will Disable the pump, when the engine is not ON, and once the (secondary) + line gets Current, It will enable all the System.
    Choose your line for the Secondary + line, This is basically the main Line to enable the system.
    I personally choose, the Fuel Pump Line, which will enable the system only when the engine is ON (when the pump is on).

    3.-- You need to connect the Steering Sensor wires.
    This is a yellow with white stripe, and a yellow with red stripe.
    Both goes to the Steering Sensor,
    The Steering Sensor has 1 + wire, 1 - wire, 2 wires, which goes to the ECU (yellow with white and yellow with red stripe), and there is 1 wire, that is not needed.

    Now, to install the Steering Sensor to the Steering Column is the hardest part.
    I will insert pics, so pics will tell more then I can explain.

    4.-- you need to wire the High Current + Line, That goes straight to the battery (80amp Fuse).
    And the Negative to the Frame (Ground).

    5.-- You need to wire the Warning Light.
    This is a Blue with Green Stripe, This wire delivers ground to the warning light, so, you need to hook up the Blue with Green stripe wire to the light and add a + wire from the Switch.

    6.-- You need to connect The Speed Sensor.
    This is a Yellow with White Stripe, This line will hooked up to our Speed Sensor (Yellow with Black Stripe).

    The MR2 Speed sensor Delivers 4 pules per rev, which our DSM delivers 4 pules per rev. So, there is nothing to do, just wire it up.

    In all the wiring, there is only 1 wires that is not need it, It is a black wire.

    There is another white wire that is the Test Connector, You need this wire to check for Codes, so leave that one on a place where you can reach it.
    you will need it, to get the code, if something goes wrong on the future.

    Now, You don't need a High amp alternator..

    I am using a 90amp galant alternator, and it is working flawless.

    Well this is it.

    Enjoy your Electric pump.

    you can see pics on how to install the Steering Sensor in the Steering Column.

    Here they are.http://www.dsmtuners.com/forums/hangout/402650-awd-conversion-project-3.html






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    1997 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    awd · automatic · 2G DSM

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    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    manual · 2G DSM
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  2. miguelmcv

    miguelmcv Proven Member

    Joined May 3, 2009
    Fresno, California

    I just want to let you guys know how the Steering System has being working.

    Couple of day ago, My Steering Light Came ON, and the Pump turns OFF and ON so frequently.

    After checking all the Components and not finding anything wrong, or better say, didn't know how to test it (I guess).

    I checked the Code.

    I connect the Check wire from the Steering ECU to ground,,,, And I got the code 21,, So, I checked all the wiring and there was a missed connection at the ECU Connector, the pins were so open and with movement it looses connection..

    After closing all the pins and putting all back together, The Steering Light remained ON, so I checked the code again, and It came with the same code (21).

    So, Next step was to check the ECU, I removed the ECU, Open it up, and to my surprise, there was water Inside and rust all over the place.

    I replaced the ECU with a good working one and the Steering light went OFF.

    Now, everything is working good again.

    But, to prevent water going into the ECU, I turned the ECU up side down, so the water can't get into the ECU.


    I would like to clarify that, The pump doesn't turn OFF after 35mph, like we and all the MR2 Forums used to say.

    The pump remains ON at all times (when Driving), But uses minimal assistance to the steering.

    I being testing the System and after 75mph the pump remains ON, I can feel the steering exactly the same at idle and at 75mph.
    .....((((((THIS CLARIFY OUR OLD THEORY)))))........

    Seriously, It feels the same as our Stock Pump.

    Well, I will keep updated IF, there is some abnormal on the System.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2011

    Street Build 304  1

    1997 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    awd · automatic · 2G DSM

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    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    manual · 2G DSM
  3. miguelmcv

    miguelmcv Proven Member

    Joined May 3, 2009
    Fresno, California
    Updating and Fixing The Article.

    I apologies for not giving Information about Lines, Fittings and Pics not inserted.

    So here they are.

    This is what you need.

    Hose Line.

    6 AN Line (Teflon Inner Lines up to 2500psi).
    Lines depends on where you want to install the pump, and how you want to route the lines, So you have to measure to figure it out.
    Make sure you get the Teflon Inner Lines.


    2 16mm x 1.5 to 6 AN line. (1 for the rack and 1 for the pump).
    1 14mm x 1.5 to 6 AN line. (for the rack).
    4 6 AN 90dg angle, (2 for the rack, 1 for the pump and 1 for the reservoir).
    1 6 AN Aluminum Weld Bung (for the reservoir feed line).
    Now, you need to decide, what cooler you are going to use and figure what extra fitting you need, You can do like the stock, with a regular hose and clamp, Or go with AN hoses, but you will need fittings as well.
    Personally, I use a Mitsubishi Montero Steering Cooler, which is thread it, and doesn't need to weld a weld bang, It just needs a 16mm x 1.5, yea, same as the rack and pump.

    Now, to the pump installation.

    Chose where you are going to Install it, and design your Bracket.

    I personally liked it at the front of the tire (driver side).

    Here are some pics of where I put it, and how I route the Lines.

    DSM 2G Project 356.JPG


    Now, It is time to organize the wiring.

    Your better bet, is to get the Full Harness, so everything will be so, so, so easy.

    If you get all the wire harness, they will look like the pic bellow.


    If you look at the wiring, there are only 7 wires, well, 1 wire (black) is being cut, because is not need it, so you only see 7 wires.


    The Black Wire that has being cut, Is a ground signal that the Power Steering ecu deliver to the Engine ECU, to Bump up the Idle when the pump is ON (same line as our stock Pump wire).
    Now, this line is not possible to hook up to our Stock line (power steering switch Line), Which the MR2 uses a regulated signal, and our System is only an ON and OFF Signal, So there is no way we can hook it up directly to our line.

    Now, Here we go with the wiring.

    Fist wire is blue with yellow stripe, it goes to the fuel pump (engine ON).
    This wire needs to be added a 1K omn, to disable the pump when the engine is not ON (it has to be low ground it). soldier one end of the 1K to the Blue with Yellow stripe and the other end of the 1K soldier it to the negative (ground).
    You can see the 1k omn in the pic and on one side is the ground wire with the 1K all ready soldier to the blue with yellow wire and covered with shrink.


    Second wire is red with black or blue, it goes to the switch (positive with 7.5 fuse).

    Third wire is light Blue, It goes to the warning light (It will deliver ground, so you need to hook up a 12v with a 7.5 fuse from the Switch at the other side of the Light).

    Fourth and Fifth, are yellow with white stripe and yellow with red stripe, they both go to the Steering Sensor (white and green), It doesn't matter how they are wired.

    Sixth wire is violet with white stripe, it goes straight to the speed sensor.

    Seventh wire is white,,, This wire is the Check Wire, It doesn't hook up to anything, It will be ground it only to get the code (when the Steering light remains ON), put it handy where you can reach it.

    There are 2 more wires to hook up, The big Ground wire that attaches to the Frame, and a 12 Volts wire from the battery with 80 amp Fuse.


    Now to the Steering Sensor.


    It has 5 wires, (one is not need it).

    Black wire (ground).

    Light Red or kind of pink (12v from the switch with 7.5 fuse).\

    Light green and white color wire goes to the ECU (yellow red and yellow white).

    Well, We have done with the wiring.

    Now, you have to mount the Steering Sensor.


    To do this, You have to disassemble the steering Column.
    You have to drill the pins to be able to disassemble it.


    At this point, you have to make your own bracket to mount the steering sensor (use your imagination).


    Once you mound the Steering Sensor, Then you are done.

    Enjoy the Electric Steering Pump.
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    Street Build 304  1

    1997 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    awd · automatic · 2G DSM

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    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    manual · 2G DSM

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