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    • verified hick
      verified hick reacted to Pjj's post in the thread FIRST DSM STREET BUILD!!! with Like Like.
      RTM RACING was the hook up for the aftermarket ones
    • verified hick
      ig ill find 2 new ones 😂
    • verified hick
      OEM AS f*** BOY i got one of these wheel liner that came with the car when i bought it but unfortunately only one side so hopefully i can find another radio and center counsel all look good. i got my driver side fan to work i got the power...
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    • verified hick
      finding a eclipse in a junkyard near me is already the miracle but i found just what i needed, PO drilled this hole for security system light so i replaced it glove box bracket that i misplaced i nabbed it at the junkyard finally got the...
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    • verified hick
      brand new 93
    • verified hick
      okay so the car seems to run and drive fine buttt im getting alot of knock on a stock timing table ? i really did have a set of broken wires in my fuze box harness that i finally found and hopefully can finish getting everything else ready im...
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    • verified hick
      when i had the other valve cover on with the cheap -10 AN catch can no check valve it would piss oil out of the turbo to downpipe connection. this stock one seemed to help but i think i still gotta burn off whats left this little ADR thing goes...
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    • verified hick
      ecu came in yesterday it works for the check engine light in acc, havnt driven it but the trans problem still probably persists. is this one of those goodies?
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    • verified hick
      okay so found out why i had to jump the red wire on the mpi relay to get the check engine light to illuminate in acc. transmission still losses gears. ecu has no effect. tcm has been changed wire harness has been changed looking like the...
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    • verified hick
      okay so cant get the passanger side window to work it will roll down but not up. 12v added it’ll go up or down. the radiator fan still doesnt work supplied 12volts it will. sunroof doesnt work key light around the key is in and out sometimes it...
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    • verified hick
      verified hick posted a question on the classified ad For sale 4G63 Injen Intake & Couplers.
      do you have any more injen black couplers or is red all you have?
    • verified hick
      right? i like free. helps pay for everything else thats expensive.
    • verified hick
      find a spider harness it’s different i had that problem when i owned my talon drop top. and appreciate it man! yeah its almost done, it runs and drives. i just need a nice turbo and tune.
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    • verified hick
      lmao either you missed it, or i asssume you dont read the posts 😂 i put it in there, home made my boy. cost me zippo, grabbed a manifold heatshield i had laying around off some random car, i kept it around because it had that nice bend you see...
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      • IMG_3567.jpeg
    • verified hick
      one of the intercooler coupler keeps coming off when trying to get into it, havnt spent money on pipes couplers or clamps yet. still running some of the worm clamps in some spots, looking into upgrading. i forgot to rtv the dumbass middle...
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