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How to Install a AEM WIDEBAND

Rick Inacio

The AEM UEGO wideband gauge is a "MUST" for all tuners and boosted cars. With it's 0-5v output, it has the capability of logging with just about any stand alone unit out there. The UEGO is a 52mm gauge that makes it a perfect fit for any gauge pod or any custom mounting location. With easy to read interface air/fuel LCD display, it also shows 3 diffeant colours showing me just how lean or rish my car is running. The single channel AEM unit is accurate to a 0.1 air/fuel ratio and also comes with a Bosch 02 sensor (#30-4100). The UEGO needs no laptop or any other type of moniter to make it read. It's 24 Color-coded LED display lights provide immediate reading to engine’s air/fuel ratio or Lambda. This kit is just as easy as installing a boost gauge with its easy hookup wiring, all I had to do is install the 02sensor 36" away from the turbo and run 2 wires. Once I started my tuning, all I had my eyes on was the AEM wideband gauge tellimg me just how rish and lean I was running. The kit also comes with face plates and differnt colour bazels to add style and looks to your car. The unit has "REALLY" helped me tune my race car and is well worth every penny and a "MUST" for any car.

This tech article will show you how to install a AEM UEGO Wideband Gauge.
Approximate install time 1-2 Hours

Frist thing you wanna do before installing the UEGO is change the gauge configuration. (face plate & bezel)

Place the gauge anywhere inside of a 2" hole. (piller or custom mounting place)

There are 2 wiring harness with the kit. The short is used for the functions on the gauge and the longer one hooks up to the UEGO sensor.

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Hook up the 2 harness to the back of the gauge. (6pin and 4pin)

Run the longer harness through the firewall.

Use C shape holder to tighting the gauge on the back.

Disconnect the negative (-) battery cable.

Remove downpipe and weld the M18x1.5 bug at least 36inch's from the exhaust side of turbo and on a 10deg angle (minumum).
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Screw in the UEGO sensor onto the bug on the downpipe.

Connect the end latch of the UEGO sensor to the lateh end of the 6wire harness from the gauge.

Now its time to wire up the 4pin harness.
-RED (Power) Connect to a 10v-18v power source.
-BLACK (Ground) Connect to a clean grounding point.
-WHITE(Analog Output) Connects to any auxiliary unit with a 0-5v input.
-BLUE(Serial Output) Connects to a RS-232 com port. (This output is optional)

Connect back the negative (-) battery cable.

Start car and let the motor warm up for more then 20secs.
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