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'89 Colt GT - 300+ HP & 30+ mpg commuter

This site may earn a commission from merchant
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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

I happened to have this mint '91 talon 86k mile 4g63t engine and transmission to drop in.

Aweosme to see this csm still survived and congrats on picking this up 🤙can’t wait to see what’s in store for it
I plan to delve into my stash of CSM goodies and make it awesome again, i put in my white face gauges with led bulbs to kinda make it look unique.

this car has a history and i was motivated to build my turbo mirage from reading this build thread way back, to actually own this car is pretty cool it still has the front mb wheels Jason put on the car i almost want to see if maybe he still has the other 2 rims.

Glad to see it getting some love with the new motor and especially the much needed quarter panel. I still have the FMIC from it and most of the IC piping too if you need it.
I might make a trip down to SoCal after getting it back together i do need to smog it still, but once that is sorted i will get in contact with you.
I'm glad to see my old project live on. I truly miss this car as a daily. Maybe not with current fuel prices but damn it was sooo much fun.

Unfortunately, the other two MB wheels went with the car when I sold it. Actually, I am pretty sure the other two OZ's did as well.
I figure it's a good idea to focus on making it run first, so i can get the car registered, i got the engine refreshed new water pump t belt etc, i got the engine and transmission mounted, i also had a spare set of nos UK amber side markers that i installed, i still have a lot more stuff to do but this was a big step.



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Congrats on the progress. Coming together!
I'm in the same boat with my 2g. Focussing on getting it running solid. Had to replace the gas tank, clean the injectors, replaced the fuel pump and battery, and she started up after a long nap.
Not looking forward to getting it smogged.
Decided to try and modernize the a/c setup i bolted an early 2g a/c bracket and tensioner on to the block, i may end up having to crimp 2g hose ends onto colt lines in order to run a 2g compressor, but will update if that ends up being the case, i did it also so i could bolt the halfshaft up at the same time.
got my hands on some good used gvr4 intake piping and it suits the car well, i am still mocking it all up as i go.
Looks like Jafromobile has some competition! Very cool background with this car. Looking forward to seeing you get out of camber with this build!
My plan to get the camber fixed major thanks to josh at yoshifab.
i found out one of the top spring plates was rounded out and as a result it was hitting the inner fender well area of the car when turning and created play in the steering.
More progress i replaced the sway bar end links and the mounting bushings, i vary much doubt the sway bar was doing it's job, based on how sloppy and brittle the rubber bushings were, I probably will go back in at a later date to clean the grease and grime under the bushings and repaint the frame and the firewall.
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