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Autocross Build 1996 GSX Autocross/ Street Build


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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
I have always wanted a dsm since I was a teenager and played Need for Speed Underground for the first time on ps2, grew up in a family with drag racing in our blood, but knew I loved corners more than just going in a straight line. So in comes the dream of competing in autocross/ road-courses when I could afford it. in 2015, my senior year of high school, i knew i was getting closer to the chance of being able to compete, so I started doing research, got on dsm tuners and started looking through all the auto cross profiles I could find, looking over tons and tons of different builds, and it was one in particular that really grabbed my attention, Aaron Woloszyn was the guy who really got me hooked, read through his entire build straight through beginning to end in less than a couple hours, I found myself so hooked on it I knew I wanted a GSX and would want to convert it to a autocross monster like his one day. Fast forward to November 2015, specifically the 20th, the day I bought my first DSM, she was a 1996 Eclipse GSX with 156k miles, I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I finally got it loaded up onto the trailer and headed out. but the journey from here was very long, painful, and expensive) already getting to know the DSM life all too well.

November 12, 2015

made my very first mistake, believing what previous owner said that was done to the car, now that i got that out of the way, he said it had a fresh stock rebuild with new pistons, rods, etc, stage 3 clutch, 16g turbo, apexi exhaust, blah blah blah, sounded like a real nice car for his asking price of $2500, but sadly I believed every word he said, said the tires were brand new as well, but the only reason he was selling it, was because he broke a cam cap in half and didn't want to deal with it anymore, so I thought, " hey, that's not that hard of a fix, take the head to a machine shop and I’ll have a running car" boy was I wrong -_-

So anyways, we stay in contact over the next week and such, and it finally comes to a weekend I’m off work, so I go to my local U-Haul, rent a truck and trailer and I was on my way. So on Friday,

November 20, 2015,

I arrived in Fort Lenorwood, Missouri, where the car was located, at about 7:00pm, at this point later on I realized I had made my first mistake, Inspecting a car for the first time at night is a huge NO, figured that out the hard way after I got it back home the next day. Live and you learn I guess, (BTW this is the first vehicle I have ever purchased by myself) so I had much to learn about used car buying.

I looked it over as best I could with my phone flashlight, looked OK at best, noticed it also only had 2 decent tires on it, maybe 60%-70% at best, and the other 2 tires were pretty much bald, less than 10% left, so that kind of pissed me off, after further inspection I realized that half the trunk was missing, it was missing some interior plastics, among other things so I wasn’t to happy, and at this point after inspecting the car I wish I would have had the strength to walk away and go back home, but I didn’t as I would have had $400 in transportation costs and didn't want to make the trip back empty handed, so I did my best at haggling on price, bringing up all the issues I found, and settled on a price of $1600 for the car. Feel like I came out okay on price but i was way over my head, (I’ll get to that part a little down the road).

I finally get the eclipse onto the U-Haul trailer, said goodbye and snapped a couple pics before the drive home. Couldn’t wait to get it back home and see what I had just bought.


I drove down to Spring field Missouri to meet up with a friend of mine Kyle to see if he could help me replace the cam cap and at least get the car back together so I could hear it fire up, I arrived at my friend’s house around 10:00pm that night, and we worked till about 3:30-4:00am the next morning, being unsuccessful, we found out only 2 cylinders were getting spark, no matter what we tried, tried swapping all the working ignition components from his running 99' GST to see if that'd fix the issue, but it didn't, so we were stumped, tired, and freezing, it was about 18 degrees that night/morning before we called it quits and got some rest.
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Oct 21, 2007
Medina 44256, Ohio
Well that's one way to start your DSM journey!

I think your on a great path! Start slow, work your way into AX and Road Course and it will be very rewarding.

It's really not hard to be successful and competitive with AX. Just takes time, patience and seat time. Seat time. Seat time. Don't expect to be winning during your first year. It's a learning process.

You've made a good move by rebuilding and having the car at 100%.

Youre going to have a blast!



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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
November 21, 2015

Woke up, really bummed about not getting to hear it run and get to drive it, but seeing the potential in these DSM's kept me in positive thoughts, my friend Kyle took me for a spin in his mild bolt on gst making around 300whp to the ground, I remember that awesome feeling of adrenaline, and a smile on my face from ear to ear, I couldn’t wait to get back home and try and figure out what was wrong, so we packed the eclipse back on the trailer, and I was on my way back home. (Sadly didn’t take any pictures of this day)

The drive back home was stress free and went well without any issues thankfully, being my first time with a car on a trailer i was cautious and got her back home safe in sound.

That pretty much wraps up the first couple days of my journey. As soon as I got home, I unloaded her onto my driveway where she sat for a week before I did anything. Was still in high school during the week and ran track so I had a busy schedule, couldn’t wait for the next weekend to come so I could wash it and take some more daylight pictures!

November 27, 2015

Well the weekend had finally came and I wasn't very happy, cloudy skies and rainy was the forecast of the first weekend, knew I couldn’t get any work done but at least wanted to take some more pics of it in the daylight.




Yes, if you were wandering the emblem is painted on with red nail polish -_-





Missing this Plastic piece on both sides, so if anyone has some that is local to Kansas City Mo let me know, I’d like to find/ buy some as of now


Missing door handle plastic, as well as mirror plastics on the insides, and you can’t tell in the picture, but the door panel is broken, and when you try to pull it shut it feels like the whole panel wants to come off


Interior is ok, not the best, leather seats are ripped beyond repair so I’m glad it come with seat covers, pretty dirty and dusty, hadn’t been cleaned in what looked like a month or two


Headliner is all messed up, so I’m planning on getting a new one eventually, but also noticed i was missing the plastic bezel and switches for the sunroof as you can see


Aftermarket head unit was nice sense all I use is my phone for music so the aux input was nice and could spend that money elsewhere



Picture showing everything missing from the trunk, kind of sucks but just got to wait till one shows up at the junkyard I guess to grab some parts off of



Popped the hood and noticed all this standing, used oil just sitting in all the crevasses of the transmission, so now I have an awesome oil leak from somewhere to find and fix, added to the list of things to do


First engine bay pic I took, lots of different colors going, hopefully will get it all painted and looking good eventually


Noticed my j pipe off the turbo is bent and crushed in, sure to be an awesome boost leak in this area when I get it running


Undercarriage pic, very wet, almost everything on the underside is covered in oil, lots of cleaning to do in the near future
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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
November 28, 2015

It was still raining outside on Saturday, so I asked my dad if I could have his garage spot for a day so I could start on the eclipse, he said yes, so all the fun stuff was soon to follow, total dis-assembly of the engine bay minus taking the block out, so I was excited to get to work! now being my first time attacking a job this big by myself, every time I removed something, even as little as unclipping sensors, clamps, anything and everything that got removed was photographed in the engine bay before I removed it, in hoped that when I wanted to get everything back together, I could follow all my pictures and know where everything went( this really seemed to help me out, good tip I’d suggest for someone doing something like this for the first time) but t spare you guys the hassle of all 100 something pictures i took in the process, I chose I couple to show my progress


First picture before total teardown


Good picture of my "16g" turbo, *cough cough* 14b turbo, seemed to have no shaft play side to said or up and down, so this is good


but during dis-assembly, I found myself getting more and more frustrated, feelings of wanting to grab a baseball bat and go back to PO's house and beat the crap out of him came into my mind multiple times, found over 20 missing bolts in the engine bay, half the crap was half-assed put together, missing components, whole nine yards, rant over, I kept moving along till finally I got some good progress


You can tell on the left side where the side mount come up into the engine bay that someone decided to use a saw-zaw to make the whole larger, it looks even worse in person, not sure how to fix this issue :/ oh yeah, did I mention that the fuel rail spacers were missing? Added those to the list of new parts needed


after fighting with it by myself for a while, i waited for my dad to come home to help lift the cylinder head-intake-exhaust manifold combo out all at once, finally it was out and i could see everything, pretty exciting moment for me, I know to most it wouldn’t be, but tackling a job like this was a first for me, and i was filled with a small feeling of pride can’t wait to get more done at this point, ready for the next step!



I mentioned earlier about not liking all the different colors in the bay, so i looked at everything i had and sent it off to be media blasted! Couldn’t wait to get them back!
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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
December 3, 2015


Got all my parts back, now to wait for the cylinder head to get back from the machine shop, I’ve never dealt with a machine shop before, so i essentially brought it to them, told them my plans and that i just wanted it checked out to be a part of my rebuild, check it over, make sure everything was good, gave them the go ahead to fix any issues if they would come up, long story short, they call me up and tell me its ready, couldn’t wait!
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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
December 4, 2015


After gathering all the missing parts or the lack thereof, I hopped onto Extreme PSI and got everything ordered! One step closer

December 7, 2015


I was greeted at the front door, i was surprised because it had only been 2 days, but sure enough, all my parts had arrived in one giant box, couldn't wait to get inside and tear everything open!

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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
December 19, 2015




Got to the machine shop to pick it up, my total was $450.00, they installed all new seals, checked the deck, line honed both sides of cam caps, and had to replace some valves because they were out of spec, not sure if good or bad price, but i paid the man and headed home to get everything put back together

Later that night i had another friend Brian coming over to help assist me in everything on getting her put back together and running again!


After getting the hg off he used one of his rotary tools to really clean the block surface, seemed to work really well


Got the exhaust manifold bolted back on with all new OEM hardware, as well as the intake manifold with all new hardware, getting closer, ready to put back on the block,

(Side note: i purchased all new sensors for the car from oreillys, my dad is a manager their so almost all parts are 40%-50% off so thats a huge plus, after removing the cam wheels we discovered that the cam angle sensor was completely broken in half, presumably the cause of my no spark issue we found earlier, keeping fingers crossed that was the issue, installed the new sensor and we were back in business)


Pretty good feeling to see the bulk of your project looking this good, couldn’t wait to see the final product after getting the head placed on!

and like magic, everything was in its place, ready to be started and come to life, couldn't wait to put the key in the ignition and hear that sweet sound of a 4g63 coming to life!


Sadly it didn’t happen, I had a bad vacuum leak coming from somewhere, wouldn’t start at all, so it was about 2am and was to tired to try and figure it out, i started the assembly process around 5pm, so it had been a long day. Until next weekend, it was time to roll her back onto the driveway.
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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
December 27, 2015

Hope everyone had a great Christmas like i did, after settling down and spending time with family, it was time to get back to work, after further inspection, i found my vacuum leak, poor checklist on my part, i had a hose completely disconnected from the intake manifold, creating my massive leak causing the car not to start... after hooking it up and clamping it down, it was time for the moment of truth...


After letting her idle for a good 15 min, checking over everything, made sure i didn't have any major visible leaks, i took her out on her maiden voyage, first time ever driving a manual car so i took it around my neighborhood about 20 times to get the feel for it, going nice and slow, after feeling confident with my driving skills, i noticed my gas gauge was reading about a 1/4 tank, so off to the gas station i went, and took the first pictures of it out in the wilderness at my local QT



Some of you might be asking what the blue tape was for, well I’ll get to that in a minute, i filler her up with 91oct and headed back home. after the exciting news, i called up a couple of my buddies and they rushed over to check it out, i was very excited to show off my new toy, and naturally, they wanted to go for a spin, so i did just that!

(Will be updating more in the next couple of days to get all you guys following my build to the present day condition thanks for reading!)


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Mar 1, 2016
Fontana, California
Haha I know that feeling of getting it home and not being able to drive it :cry: I just bought a '95 gsx and drove about 30 miles after purchase and boom. My front passenger axle broke as well as something in the tranny... So it sits until I have time to drop the transmission


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Mar 1, 2016
Fontana, California
Yeah man dropped the tranny yesterday. Wasn't too bad, but I honestly don't want to open it up haha. I might just take it somewhere and have them check it out and rebuild it. It's just a lot easier having it out of the car instead of towing the whole car there and getting charged an insane amount for labor.

Thanks brother! If only you saw it up close, thing is beat haha
Dang man yeah it sucks, have you dropped the trans yet? btw i love the white talon! looks real clean man!!


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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
well i finally got around to updating this thread, hope you guys enjoy it!

Later that night after everyone showed up, I checked everything over once more, and we headed off to Mexico to get some runs in. I will also note, I’ve only driven a manual car for about 30 minutes when I took this video so excuse my awful granny shifting in between gears. I’m still learning!

This was the first ever video I ever took of the car while it was moving!


To me this seems slow, really slow, watching it after the fact, but when it was actually happening there was no other feeling like it, felt like I cut a 3 second 0-60 time and felt as if I was doing over 100mph by the end of the pull.

December 28, 2015

It was around 2:00AM after that pull. We shut her down and headed back home for the night. After I got home, I happened to pop the hood and the valve cover where the sparks plugs sit was covered in oil, so I cleaned it up and found out it was coming from a corner where the bolt was. I dried everything up and was thinking of something to use. I grabbed the closest thing I could find which was a tube of Grey RTV, so I poured a generous amount in the corner and then used my finer to smooth it out into the corners. After getting it how I wanted, I cleaned up and went to bed. I checked it the next morning and this is what I found, I think it turned out alright for a temporary fix!


I was still on break from school, so I was looking for other things to do to the eclipse. Do you guys remember the awesome Red nail polish Mitsu emblem on the front? Well I fixed it, sort of. I didn’t have any touch up paint or anything of the sorts, so yes I fixed it with nail polish, but I took the time to tape everything off and did multiple coats. let me know what you guys think!



December 29, 2015

I got the eclipse running and now it’s time to make everything legal. I headed off to my local shop to get an inspection. I got there and got it up on their lift, decided to snap a few pics of the underside, looked pretty good, no major visible rust spots or anything, so I was pleased to see that! Here’s a decent picture of my exhaust. It doesn’t look aftermarket. It just looks like someone took it to a muffler shop and the mocked up a system for the car after the Megan downpipe. It looks pretty good to me!


I also wanted to look up at the front underneath and get a better view of everything. It wasn’t to pretty and I definitely need to do some major cleaning underneath and degrease the whole engine bay and underside. Hopefully I’ll get to that next week!


So after the inspection, I head to my local dmv to get it licensed and get everything finalized! Was ecstatic. Everything was taken care of and now I could drive my DSM every day. I couldn’t wait to show it off to all of my friends...

But something was awaiting me before my arrival at home, something that no one ever wants to hear. My heart dropped. I was sad... And then filled with anger because I had been working for an entire month to get it running and now it was all for nothing.

Pulled into the driveway and was completely bummed. Here’s another vid, probably need to turn volume up

Nothing audible at idle, but when revved the problem is very much heard and real. I can’t believe I only got to drive my eclipse for 2 days before it spun a rod bearing. I couldn’t believe it.


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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
January 2, 2016

As I’m sure anyone could relate, I didn’t feel like doing anything for a while. I parked it that day after I got back and didn’t want anything to do with it. I was frustrated, sad, and a whole mix of emotions. I almost bailed on the dsm and tried to sell it, but I had already too much of my time and money invested to let her go so easy, so I finally went outside and pushed it into the garage and see if I could find any signs of why everything went wrong.

I called some of my people to see if they might have any ideas. One of good friends, Kyle, suggested that I pull the timing belt lower plastics and see what I could find and if the T-belt was loose. I crawl underneath get it pulled off and to my surprise this is what I found,



The belt for the balance shaft had completely sheered all its teeth off. I’m not really sure how that happened, but I was hoping it might be just the belt. For a little moment I had a glimpse of hope, but I knew it couldn’t be that easy.

I decided it would be a good idea to drain the oil and see what I find,


I knew it wasn’t good when my oil looked like the metallic brown paint color on my mom’s explorer, so I took the filter off and put a new filter on, put some oreilly oil to try and see if that would help anything. I will note that for the most part I was doing this all on my own, at the mercy of my friends Brian and Kyle telling me things to try or look for since they both live a couple hours away. I tried putting a new balance shaft belt on, tried redoing the timing on the car like 5 times for how much I messed with the belts, (I’m quite good at it now), tried letting it run and warm up, tried changing the oil out 2 or 3 times to see if I was still getting flakes or not… I was not going to give up until I absolutely had to. My friends weren’t too optimistic and were starting to prepare me for what might have to happen, which was getting my bottom end completely redone, money I didn’t want to spend, but was nice to know I could afford it if I absolutely had to.

January 4, 2016

Here some pics of what I found when I cut the filters open. It wasn’t looking good. There were lots of shiny copper flakes, which I learned was bearing material of some kind


After trying what I could one night, I looked underneath to notice a giant puddle on the floor. I looked around and found where the leak was coming from, where the water pipe meets the thermostat housing so I ordered a new o ring to hopefully fix the issue


After the 3rd try at new oil and filters, I drained it one last time and decided there was nothing more I could do. No matter what I tried, I still got the same result if not getting worse, so I called it and tossed in the towel.

Here’s the last oil change I did, as you can tell it is very bad, lots of metal flakes. After seeing what I saw, I called my friend Brian to talk about where to go from here. He suggested that I pull the pan off and see what I could find,




(note: ignore my commentary) but you get the gist of what is going on

Brian told me a list of parts to order. He was going to give it a shot to replace the rod and main bearings without taking the motor out to so if we could at least Band-Aid fix it for a while to last me a couple months. I figured it couldn’t hurt, so we set a time up to meet. In about a week he was going to trailer my car to his shop so we could swap the bearings. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ll update on that when I can


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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
January 12, 2016

Since the car is officially down for now, I turned my thoughts to other things I could do to it. In my last car, I upgraded all the interior bulbs to LED’s and loved the way it turned out, so I hopped on amazon and ordered some white bulbs. They were here in 2 days, (got to love amazon prime). I took out the old ones and soldered in the new ones. I think it turned out great, definitely a lot brighter than the stock bulbs, and it just feels so much better, more modern I guess



In this picture you can really tell the difference between the stock and led bulbs with the foot well lights. The driver side is led and the passenger is the stock one, huge difference!


I had about 5 bulbs left over from the interior lights install and was trying to find somewhere to use them. I remembered seeing a guy on YouTube with his gauge cluster all lit up with LED’s so I thought I might give it a try as well. I found a good thread on how to do it on tuners so I went to town, sanded down the plastic pieces with 240 grit, got it off pretty well, I kept the needles the same color for now as I didn’t have any of the special paint needed for them. I installed the bulbs and was pretty happy with how that turned out as well. It’s nice and bright and make the inside of the car not feel 20 years old, so it’s definitely worth the $10 in bulbs to convert all the lights, this is how it turned out.


I guess I messed up when I put the cluster back together, but I like the way the lights turned out!

January 14, 2016

When I bought the car, I didn’t really notice it was missing all the trunk pieces, including the windshield washer fluid tank, so I headed off to my local pick n pull and was lucky enough to find a wrecked convertible. I found the tank and reservoir and was stoked, but sadly since it was a vert it only had one motor, so I’m only going to have working wipers in the front which isn’t a huge let down.


January 16, 2016

Well the time had finally come, my friend Brian arrived at my place. We loaded the car up and headed to his shop about an hour away from my house. I was excited to hopefully have my dsm back by the end of the night.


when I got there I was excited to see my other good friend Kyle who drove up 3 hours just to come help out. I’m pretty blessed to have good friends like that to help me out and teach me things along the way. We got started immediately and dug right in. The A-team was here and I couldn’t wait for the end of the night to hear it fire up. Here’s some pictures I snapped during that night




The silver GST is my friends Kyles, it’s an auto with a shift kit, stall, 16g turbo, some fuel upgrades and such, definitely a fun car and was my first ever experience getting to ride along in a DSM. My friend Brian is in the background. When we went to start it up after we finished installing all the new bearings, the battery was dead. We had to let it sit on the charger for a while.

It’s alive again! Hopefully for a while now… But since we had to remove the down pipe to pull the oil pan to save time since it was already nice and late, we decided to leave it off and just start the car up, so yes, if anyone was wandering what it sounds liked to run an open o2 housing, this is what it sounds like ha-ha

After getting it running and letting it warm up for a good 15 minutes, it was time for a test drive to see if everything checked out. I forgot to take a video of this part because I was too excited to get to drive it again after over a month of it being down. Anyways, the test drive went smoothly I’d say. I drove around for 5 minutes in the city just to make sure we didn’t hear any knock. After it checked out, we headed back to the shop to button everything up so I could head home. I was definitely happy I had my car back.












But of course, my luck would prove I don’t have any. About 20 miles into the trip home, the knock came back. I was so fed up after all night working on it just to be rewarded with this shitty outcome. I was definitely pissed. I got home, snapped a pick with my friend’s car and headed to bed. I didn’t even want to look at it anymore….



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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
February 19, 2016

A month rolls on by and I haven’t even cared to go work on the eclipse. I had lost all motivation for a while, but realized it wasn’t going to fix itself, so I called up my friend Brian at the shop and told him to start me a fully built short block. I wanted the best I could get for the money. I was just going to spend the money now and hopefully never have to worry about the bottom end again, so he dropped a spare block off at the machine shop to get work done and we got all the parts ordered. I was pretty happy and started to get excited again about working on the eclipse.

But since I was dead in the water for now and was at the shops mercy on time, I decided to find some much needed things I’d need for an upcoming build this summer. I turned my attention to other things. I knew I was going to need a FMIC soon, so I hopped on classifieds and searched, found a guy selling a complete ETS Race FMIC for $300.00 shipped, I knew that was a deal since these kits retail for $700 plus, I was stoked, I sent him the payment, couldn’t wait to get it in the mail in a couple weeks.




However, the guy right before he went to ship it out, noticed at some point a couple of the rows got smashed in, so he refunded me the money… I was happy the guy handled the situation with class, but now I was out of a killer deal on a FMIC setup. Oh well. At this point, I’m feeling like nothing is ever going to turn out in my favor with this damn car…

February 25, 2016

Not sure how I came across the video, but I was up all day watching YouTube videos of any GSX I could find, and eventually ended watching Andrew brilliant race and kill all competition with his fwd vert. I couldn’t believe how fast his car was. Seeing that video gave me an ounce of faith, a light at the end of the tunnel, that maybe one day I could be in his shoes,I snapped a pic of him breaking the record to save and maybe one day my GSX could be breaking a record somewhere. Sweet car for sure, I also learned that it’s his car in the banner picture on DSM tuners, thought that was pretty cool as well


March 9, 2016

Progress is slow, not getting much work done, getting busy with work and being a full time student to become an engineer, but I found a new friend in the dsm community that’s local. He had a full Outlander break setup front and rear, came with the calipers, rotors, new pads, stainless-steel lines, everything all for $100 bucks, so I went and picked those up, that’s about the only progress I’ve made in the last couple of weeks. I’m just still waiting on the machine shop to call and say the block is ready.

April 8, 2016

Got bored today and decided to make myself busy for a while. Soon, I had the entire interior pulled out and went to town cleaning up everything from the previous owner. It was pretty disgusting to say the least.




I guess that’s what the carpet is actually supposed to look like, definitely going to look into ordering some new black carpet, my entire interior is grey, very bland, I have some ideas to help with that for the future.









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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
April 20, 2016

Little side note from the build, I have been in my first welding class this semester at my college. We had to lay down a pad of beads for 6010 and 7018, I know it’s not amazing, like I said it’s my first time ever welding, but if anyone wants to add some constructive criticism or tips that could help me perfect my skill I’d love to hear it, just figured I’d show off what I’ve accomplished so far!



April 24, 2016

Got bored again and wanted something to do, for the brief time I had the car in working, I was listening to the radio and such, and noticed it sucked, so I knew I was going to want to upgrade it eventually, and I guess today was the day, I knew I was going to have to do some modifying to the doors to get it how I wanted but I think it turned out alright.

I retained the stock plastic piece that holds the speakers in the doors, but didn’t like how recessed the speakers were in the doors, so I got some ½ particle board I found in my dad’s woodshop and mocked up a piece to fit directly into the plastic piece, but it was still recessed, and there was an ugly gap that I needed to fill to make it all flush, so I made another ½ piece and sandwiched them together and this was my result,



April 25, 2016

Finished up the cut outs, test fit everything and it seemed to all fit rather well. I was very pleased with my little DIY project. I’m going to be using 5” midranges in the doors, 1” tweeters somewhere, haven’t found exactly where I want to mount them yet, and then two 8” mid-woofers to get all the lows from 500hz and below. It won’t be very bass heavy, just going for a really clean sound all around, I love my music. Here’s the final product all finished



Heres a picture of the door before I cut out around the speaker so you can see the whole I created when making this all work




There’s the back side of the piece totally finished, was very pleased with how they turned out for about 5-7 hours invested into making everything

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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
May 16, 2016

Not much progress has been made after I finished the stereo project, haven’t really thought of anything to do while I’m still waiting for the machine shop to call me and say they are done machining the block, and my finals for my classes are going on this week so haven’t had much time anyways, was walking outside and just wanted to take a picture of her, she hasn’t moved from the spot since I drove her home from Brian’s place back in January.


May 19, 2016

The day had FINALLY came, the machine shop called, the block was done, I was so pumped, and it was the night of my last final of my freshman year of college, and ordering parts was my #1 priority :D I hopped on extreme psi and went to town. My built block was about to come together.

Here are some pictures of the block!


-Wiseco 10.5:1 1400hd pistons

-Manley Turbo-Tuff I-beam rods,

-King Tri-metal rod and main bearings,

-OEM oil pump,

-OEM complete engine overhaul gasket set


-Forced Performance race manifold ported by them

-OEM Evo III Intake manifold

-Southbend Clutch w/2200 pp and the b-series full face segmented ceramic disk

-Megan racing short throw shifter

-extreme psi solid shifter bushing kit

Never knew you could blow so much money in one day, haha it was quite the order, but I was completely stoked to know that the build would be making a lot of progress in a couple weeks, and I realized my local Streetcar Takeover for Kansas City was June 17th, so I set a goal, and I’m really hoping I can make it! I’ll be sure to keep everything updated and current as everything happens!

May 23, 2016

The First thing to arrive is shockingly the Evo III intake manifold. It shipped from Malaysia on Friday night and got to me today, I was shocked but happy none the less. It looked pretty good. I didn’t see any cracks or visible damage, should be a nice upgrade over the stock eclipse mani



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Oct 21, 2007
Medina 44256, Ohio
Awesome. Awesome stuff man. Keep it up.

Youre young and you have plenty of time to build a bada$$ DSM. Be patient and it will all pay off.


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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
Sorry for the lack of updates, finally got around to writing up everything thats happened since we left off! hope you enjoy and please leave me some feedback on what you guys think of the build!!

May 25, 2016

I always loved coming home to gifts from the UPS Man, looks liked I got a box from Forced Performance and the good ole Extreme PSI


Got inside and ripped eveyrhting open, Forced Performance still had there sale going on when I orderd the race manifold which brought price down to $175.00, killer deal and id suggest anyone its definitely worth the wait, they normally run the sale everyear at somepoint so always keep an eye out! Since I saved $100 on the regular price, I decided to click the option on having FP port the manifold for the $90.00 they quoted on the sight, after shipping and port work it came out to be $288, not bad at all! Heres some pics of what I received




After I finished opening up that box, it was onto the extreme packaged, I ordered the Megan racing short throw shifter, with the extreme psi solid shifter bushing kit that everyone suggests doing because the worn out rubber bushings suck in the stock shifter! Here’s some pics of the short throw!



I also wanted to measure how effective the short throw was going to be, so I took some crude measurements of the stock shifter and its positions when in 1st, neutral, and 2nd gear. So this is what I found with the short throw set on the 1st position, 2nd position looked way to short for my tatses so I went with the 1st position.

1st Gear: Stock Shifter comes in about 5” from the “radio framing” is what im going to call it.


Neutral: Stock Shifter comes in about 7” from the framing


2nd Gear: Stock shifter comes in about a tick over 9” from the framing


1st Gear: Megan Short throw: comes about 4 ½” from the frame work


Neutral: Megan Short throw comes in about 6” from the framing


2nd Gear: Megan Short throw comes in about 7 ½” from the framing


From my results, It looks like it reduced the throw from about 2” to about 1 ½” inches, sadly however, it moved all the points forward, neutral went from being 7’’ away to 6’’, moving everything forward one inch, as well as when it was in neutral before, the shift knob was almost at a perfect 90* angle, now neutral sits forward so this may bother some people when installed, I haven’t got to drive the car yet but those are my observations based off of a visual aspect.
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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
June 5, 2016

Another gift from the UPS man, My Southbend Clutch came in! it was selected for my platform by Mr. Tim Zimmer, he was an awesome guy to talk with and couldn’t have been more helpful, I would highly suggest checking him out for any drivetrain needs you might have @TMZ Performance.

Anyways, it’s the Southbend SS-Series 2200# pressure plate with the B-Series Full face segmented Ceramic Disks. Can’t wait to try it out and will update everyone on how it preforms when I get everything running! I do have to say the shipping quality is top notch, everything came vacuum foam sealed and was held together nicely!






June 9, 2016

Well todays score was completeloy unexpected, one of my friends called me up asking if I wanted to go to my local pick n pull so he could get another radiator for his Acura TL, anyways, long story short, there was a 99 eclipse gs sitting just 2 rows down and I was shocked, because I even checked their inventory before we went into the yard and they said they had zero… so I was dumbfounded but definitely happy when I walked up to it and it was completely untouched, and had black leather interior!! So I went to work pulling everything I could think of, I was so stoked I decided to go to the yard today, anyways, $158 dollars later, I now had a complete Black leather interior swap for my gsx!!



June 11, 2016

Well, ive been avoiding the engine bay for a while now, ever since I tried swapping the bearings and it failing on my way home back on January 17th, here goes nothing to finally pulling the motor, I took one before shot right after I had taken the radiator out so I wouldn’t forget, anyways, heres some pics I snapped of all that!





After Finishing pulling the head off I decided to call it a night and roll her back outside, and oh yeah, another update I forgot to mention was I got tires for the free wheels that came with the car! They are plasti-dipped so ill definitely be redoing those at some point but I think they will look alright when they get refinished, they are 17x7 wheels, with a 215-40 tire on them, they were cheap used ones so I could roll around, ill be buying new ones in a month or two but here is how they look on the car!


Definitely sits pretty high… can’t wait till a set of coil overs are in the budget so I can lower this thing from its current rally mode ride height LOL

June 16, 2016

Yet another gift from the UPS man, From Etreme psi again


Among everything was a Fluidampner Harmonic dampener, Kiggly HLA, Mac 3 port Electronic Boost Controller and a Speed Density kit!

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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
June 17, 2016

Its like Christmas in the summertime, greeted again by a gift from the UPS Guy, it was my Punishment Racing FMIC Kit!



The kit looks nice for what you pay for it, it’s no ETS kit, but that’s to be expected when comparing a $800 kit to a $350 kit, but given the price point, for now I think it will meet my needs for current setup just fine!

And just to my surprise not even an hour after getting my FMIC kit, the doorbell rang, the Fedex guy just dropped off my brand new black Carpet! I ordered this with the higher quality fabric if you will and added the Mass Backing option as well, which is like a rugged rubberized coating that they spray on the entire carpet, yes, it probably adds some pounds to the carpet, but what im hoping to get in return is a lot quitter cabin noise while driving, and I wont have to deal with any sound deadening strips either, so it was a win win for me, I believe after the premium fabric and mass backing option, and the shipping cost, it was right around $350 bucks give or take a couple! It also looks fantastic when compared to my dirty grey carpet


Out with the old…..


And in with the new!! Be sure if you order the new carpet, to keep your old carpet as a template for all the holes and trimming you must do to make re-installation of your new carpet a breeze!



June 20, 2016

Some reason had my Evo III Intake manifold out and wanted to compared to the stoch 2g manifold so here’s a quick snap shot, you can definitely tell the shorter runners on the evo 3 intake! Cant wait to get the car running and do some tests with only swapping out the intake manifolds to see the difference it makes! So stay tuned for that comparison later on!


I also decided to retackle my gauge cluster, I wasn’t happy with the light ouput from my first modification so I wanted to upgrade, it’s no professional build by any means but it will do the job nicely I think!


I wired up the 2 bulbs per each bulb outlet on the back of the cluster, after wiring them together I made sure they worked and then hot glued them into place, output looks great and really brings a modern feel to the cluster instead of those old yellow tinted bulbs from factory!


June 25, 2016

Decided to get more work done under the hood and removed a lot of stuff out of the way, prepping for complete engine removal at this point,




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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
July 1, 2016

So I was going through some old parts and noticed I had an extra intake manifold still laying around back from when I first picked up that long block the day I bought my car, and noticed the throttle body looked differently, after some research, I had a rare 1G N/A throttle body, which from what I read was the largest stock TB Mitsubishi made that was compatible with our cars, was stoked to find that out so I figured id go take some comparison shots for reference!




July 3, 2016

Well today was the day, it was my very first time ever pulling a mator from its home, so it was definitely a humbling experience and I learned a lot about myself, just a year ago I would have been petrified to tackle on a job this big, but now I feel with a little research I could tackle anything I needed too, anyways I almost forgot to take some pictures but heres a couple,




That was my friend Nathan, with the Acura TL I talked about earlier came over to help me out, he’s a certified tech at Volvo so he was a big help with just general knowledge of an engine removal!! Couldn’t believe I got it out finally!!

After getting it out finally, we rolled it back outside, I snapped one last picture and then we cleaned up and headed out to get some pizza after a long afternoon!


It was completely empty, and after removing the motor, I noticed just how badly the bay looked, everything was scratched up, it just looked horrible, so I knew I was going to want to repaint the bay before I reinstall everything!

July 10, 2016

I was looking over my 14b and noticed something I never have before, and it didn’t make me too happy…

I couldn’t get a real good picture of it but that crack runs alllll the way down the housing, si knew I a new turbo was going to need to be in my future at some point..


Also noticed the turbine wheel was all chipped and what not, so that solidified the new turbo idea


July 11, 2016

Well it was the day before I turned 20 years old, and I came home from work to seeing this weird blob in front of my car, I hinted to my parents I was going to need some new tires at some point, but had no idea they took It to heart, anyways, for my birthday I got a full set of brand new Summitomo HTR ZIII tires, which have a 300 rating for tread wear so they should hold up decently for me to auto cross and daily drive during the summer! I was stoked, couldn’t have been happier!



July 12, 2016

Happy birthday to me, and to me, apparently that means go spend way to much money on making things look nice, I have a slight Perfectionist attitude, especially when it comes to my car, and I knew I didn’t want to put everything back together with all these different colors and textures, so I did some research and found the best place to get everything done, powder coat and ceramic coatings for all my exhaust parts, anyways, I pulled off EVERYTHING I could think of that could get coated and thought of a color scheme to go with them, I was on a budget so I told the guy to take as long as needed to get it done since I haggled with him on price a lot, anyways, here’s everything I grabbed to go off and get coated, it was quite the load that’s for sure!



Packed all the small things up nicely into some 30 gallon totes and was headed out to Kearney, Missouri, He owns Northland Coating Solutions! So if anyone in the Kansas City/Missouri area is wanting some things coated I would Highly suggest going to him, his customer service is top notch and I will be going back to him for any more coating needs I might have!

July 24, 2016

Today I attended my very first Autocross event at my local scca location, I forgot to take a lot of pictures because I was way too distracted with going on runs with almost everyone as a passenger! Ive never met a more awesome group of people, they were all very kind and generous, taking the time out to give me there tips and methods on how they’ve become better drivers, amongst all the cars there, I was able to ride in a Evo 9 in street modified class, it was fully gutted, auto cross monster, it was such a blast to ride in, I also got to ride in a bone stock fr-s, with some sticky tires and full suspension, and I never thought such little horsepower could be so much fun, that car later won his class for the day! I also rode in a factory 5 cobra kit car, which was a very wild ride, an older guy was driving and spun out on one of the corners so that was fun, got to ride in the mustang pictured, he had 14” wide tires on all four corners, definitely a cool car, and I also got to ride in the white 240sx, it was extremely clean, one of the cleanest builds I had ever seen, it was his very first auto cross day so we got along great! All-in-all it was an amazing experience, and id recommended anyone to at least go attend an event, its free for spectators! It definitely got me excited to get my car done so I could go out there and have as much fun as everyone else! Goals were set for the future that day, the very last event for my region was October 30, 2016, my goal is to have my car done and be able to participate at that event, or else it means waiting till March or April of 2017 to get any seat time! Wish me luck



July 31, 2016

After the auto cross event, I saw one thing that either really helped or hindered the driving experience, I noted the drivers who had a proper racing seat with harnesses to keep them firmly planted into the seat were able to make less errors when coming out of really tight corners, so I had this in the back of my mind and got on Facebook of all places and saw a guy trying to sell a Cobra racing seat, couple message’s later, I now owned an almost brand new bucket seat for the eclipse, mounting however I noticed was going to be an issue, but for now I was very happy with my purchase, they regularly go for $700 plus but since he knew I was an aspiring auto x guy like he was before, he gave me a solid deal on the seat and some mounting brackets he had with it!



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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
August 6, 2016

Decided to go outside to find something to do on the eclipse, the engine bay was filthy so I thought Id give it a good power wash, stupid me forgot to take any before pictures but you’ll have to trust me when I say Purple Power and a 2300psi power washer does wonders on getting dirt and grease off that’s been stuck on for years!




August 7, 2016

Saw a local guy on my KC dsm Facebook page selling a 95-96 awd trans for sale for $250 bucks, I figured if and when my trans decides to blow up, it’d be a good option to have a spare lying around, so I went to go pick it up! I had bought some parts from him before and he decided to throw in a Transfer case and a half in with the deal! So I couldn’t complain there, it definitely needed a good clean and degrease!



August 8, 2016

Yet again I was sucked into buying more things because they were such good deals, had a friend selling some turbo parts, consisted of a cast 20g wheel, a tdo5h compressor cover which was already machined for the 20g wheel, and an already ceramic coated knock off 16g turbine housing, he was only asking $125 bucks for everything, after doing some research I found that to be a pretty good deal and picked it up, can I say bastard 20g setup in my near future :D







August 10, 2016

With my new found turbo parts I knew I was missing the center section, didn’t trust anything used so I decided to go to the most respected name in turbo rebuilds, Justin Whitesell @JusMX141

After messaging him and explaining my plans, I got everything together and shipped it off to him so I could receive and brand new Tdo5h 20g Turbo, which should suite my build and goals perfectly!

August 20, 2016

Decided to go ahead and get the engine bay more prepped for when it comes time to paint again, so I took more things off and decided to power wash it again for good measure!



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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
August 21, 2016

Got some more work done in the engine bay, mostly worked on getting the wiring harness out of the way for today, little by little im getting there!



The trash bag in the bottom right corner is where the entire harness is, I moved it all out of the way and put it all together for safe keeping and to help keep any dirt or dust out!


August 25, 2016

Got more work done by removing most of whats left on the back fire wall! Didn’t feel comfortable touching the hard lines so I figured I would either paint over them or tape them off some how


August 27, 2016

I know I just sent my 20g parts off only a couple weeks ago, but I had a local guy selling a steal of an authentic Evo III 16g, came with the turbo, the manifold, evo III o2 housing, j pipe, AN oil feed and return lines, and an oil pan with the AN fitting welded onto it for the oil drain, as well as a 3” intake pipe! All for $350 bucks, so I caved in and went and picked it up, starting to have quite the collection of parts piling up for this damn car, hopefully it’ll be running soon!


August 28, 2016

Not that this has anything to do with my build, but I was looking at my radiator fan really hard for some reason and noticed this….. and now it will never stop bugging me, im not sure if it was just an error on my fan or if every single fan is like this, but go look at your stock fan setup, my fins aren’t symmetrical, one fin is off and now that’s all I can see now LOL


August 31, 2016

Received a long awaited phone call, after 2 long months, my coating guy called me up and said everything was finished! I was ecstatic and got over there as soon as I could to see what all that money bought me!

And I must say, it was worth EVERY penny I spent, everything came out flawlessly, Northland Coating Solutions will forever have my business in the future when it comes to powder coating or ceramic coating!

Just check everything out!!





I hopefully will have one of the cleanest engine bay out there! Cant wait to see everything back together and shinning under the sunlight when I pop my hood at a car show for the first time


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Nov 18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
September 4, 2016

Got another long awaited phone call, my pistons and rods had shown up to my engine builder along with the block and flywheel and clutch kit after being completely balanced so I should have a nice smooth running rotating assembly, anyways, here’s some pics of the gorgeous hardware before he blue prints and installs everything! Btw my engine builder is an awesome guy, he owns Wizard Works LLC, he mainly builds a lot of Evos out of the Midwest but im having him help put together my motor, he is a top notch guy with even better top notch engine skills, he is very meticulous and a perfectionist like myself so I know I’m in good hands, if anyone in the Midwest needs a motor build hit up his Facebook page!

Manley Turbo Tuff I-Beam Rods


Wiseco 1400HD 10.5:1 Pistons



And here’s my block, it was all wrapped up still so I didn’t get any good pics of that


September 7, 2016

Came home from work instantly excited when I was greeted with another package at my front door



It was packaged very nicely, and almost looked like an oem package, so thumbs on on Justins shipping methods


The beast was ready to be bolted up, but sadly I wasn’t anywhere near close to a running car, but none the less, it sure was nice to look at, heres my Brand new, TDO5H 20g Turbo built by Justin!



You can see here he installed a Holset Actuator which should help hold boost a lot higher than the crap stock actuator!


And here it is mated to my now Ceramic coated FP Race Manifold


September 15, 2016

Now that I had a 14b, a 16g, and a 20g, I wanted to take them apart and really compare all the differences between the turbos, and im glad I did this, remember that evo 3 16g I purchased a couple weeks ago? Apparently someone tried rebuilding it and failed miserably, my heart sank, because I knew I was probably never going to get my money back either,

You can see that the wheel came in contact with the compressor cover and shredded everything… and holy shaft play, in and out side to side, this thing is completely toast, now yes this was partially my fault because I trusted one of my friends from the local group that is was in good condition, anyways, heres the pics…





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