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1992 Talon TSI 6/4 AUTO

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Nov 14, 2013
Independence, Kansas
Keep her up and enjoy her! :)
Been looking for almost 2 years.
This is the upgrade to my Auto 6/4 car.
See its profile.
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Installed FIC 1120s from spare stock, hard pipe SMIC kit and a cheapo 16g to test as an upgrade from the 13b. FP mani since the stocker was cracked and a Kinagawa adjustable WG. My 20 year old son did the correct adjustments for practice as I oversaw it all. Currently tuning. Possible Holset from spare stock after I get the tune nice. Follow along.
Carbon Fiber Wrapped the hood. Need to reapply that but better than primer and metal.
Decided to update the car along with the Paul Volk @99gst_racer tube front end.
Boy is that a thing of beauty!
More to come!!!!



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Looks great, Marty!
Thanks Paul. I had to show off the tube work, it makes getting to everything so much easier than the big bulky flat iron that USED to be there!
I kinda painted myself into a corner on the fiber wrap hood job, but it was my first try. I have plenty of wrap left to try again, LOL.
My back hurts just looking at those jackstands. if only you had some device that could LIFT a car into the air. ohhhh you'd be all set LOL

Seriously though. Looking good. almost gives me ambition to do something with the car but with winter around the corner I'm trying to get the house squared away
Hey Joe, hey Vic, thanks guys! I was tired of the jackstands too soo.......:D :sneaky:
Found an intake mani leak so I have to get it off and replace the blown out gasket...a pita with A/C!

UPDATE: THANK YOU BOYS, for helping dad get the mani gasket changed! My sons jumped in and helped dad out in less than 2 hours! Time to get back to tuning!!!
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Well after I burned a valve in the 92 Talon, I pulled the motor and started the refresh process. I decided to TEACH 4G63 rebuilds to my youngest son, who is 20 and graduated Auto Tech a year ago but never had a chance to do any rebuilds. He helped me on my Saturn SC2 DOHC motor and it has 10k on it now. He has a 90 GSX, that I am donating used parts to for his build.
We are BOTH excited and happy with progress and he is a very good learner, following my instructions to a T!
Here is what we accomplished this weekend. Enjoy.
Specs on the cardboard were missing the leading zero, all Mains came out to .0018-.002 :thumb:

20190210_122212.jpg 20190210_114445.jpg
Sure thing Vic! Lol, if it were just that easy, right??? :ohdamn:
Doing final checks and measures before assembling the short block for the Auto car. Rings are at .024 top .028 2nd and .015 or more on the oil rings. Just about time for the Pretty Stuff! :thumb:
Some of the "bling"...finally.
Prep is 90% so getting to this point is rewarding!
Finally finished the shortblock build after hurting a valve late this last fall.
Wilson_Engine_Shop_MW1_Spec_Sheet__Final_3-22-2019.png 20190319_171333.jpg
So got the rear main(s) on both 6 bolts that we are building. My son actually had his on first LOL. All is coming together nice on both blocks!
Really like that color and you don't see too many. How hard was it to wrap the hood and what was the cost of the CF wrap? The hump must be a PITA. I was thinking about painting my hood myself but if the wrap doesn't cost too much, I'd try that first.
Wrap is 7D gloss carbon fiber wrap from Feabay and I think it was $30. It works good but boy that hump is a REAL PITA. We didn't get it perfect but I have enough left over wrap to try it again if I want. I think we started in the wrong place and got caught up in the front corner of the drivers side of the hood, but she looks better than pealing paint so I am good for now. Besides, she will be so fast, you won't see a wrinkle anyway!!! :thumb:
So burned a valve and melted a small portion of #4 piston so it was time to do a freshen up along with my son doing his 6 bolt along with me for directions. Things are coming out very well spec wise!
My son is following along and building his stock 6 bolt at the same time! :)
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Finally got the motor bolted together! Almost time for some fun!
The youngest son is right there with me on his build, waiting on valve springs for him.
I love teaching how to do builds!
Manley 9:1's, Manley H-Beams, 6 bolt Stock Crank, Kelford 264's, Supertech Valves/Springs/Retainers, Cometic .051" MLS HG and ACL pump.
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