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1g 4g63t

  1. KeyFlo_dsm

    Where are all the 1990 GSX OEM Alternators?

    Can someone drop your best links for an OEM alternator for my 1990 Eclipse GSX? Been digging in the forums but I couldn't find anything specific myself.
  2. KeyFlo_dsm

    Noisy timing belt

    *2 very short videos addressing the issues included* Hey everyone so the car's running again but I wanted to get your input on this sound coming from the timing belt/ cams area. It's persistent until I reach about 3k rpms then fades out. The belt itself still looks good. Once again however, I...
  3. Jaren000

    1G Idling at 2450RPM

    This might be a little lengthy so I apologize in advance, but I want to give everything I know so far. I've been through about 20 idle threads by now but I just wanted to see what advice I might benefit from as well that wasn't already included in most threads. For starters, almost everything...
  4. 1G Engine Removal

    I am currently in the process of removing the engine and transmission in my 1992 Eagle Talon AWD, I have already removed the air intake, transfer case, cross members, and CV joints. I have also disconnected a few misc electrical wires, and hoses. I am curious as to what the next step would be?
  5. XC92

    1G Power Steering Fluid for '92 Talon TSi AWD Manual?

    Hi, my first "real" post here so sorry if it's repetitive. I searched the forums and found a bunch of threads on this topic, which were somewhat inconclusive. Anyway, I'm in the early stages of restoring my '92 Eagle Talon TSi AWD manual trans, and am trying to figure out what parts and liquids...
  6. eclipsyco

    1G Transmission shafts question

    Hi guys been a while So I recently got a 90 1g gsx in pretty good shape for a 30 year old car! Only issue is the grinding when shifting to 2nd gear or to 1st if I'm not at complete stop. If I shift slowly I get no grind at all rest of the gears work fine. I'm assuming probably the syncros are...
  7. Would a front mount intercooler kit from a 1g fit on my 2g

    so there’s some one selling a whole front mount intercooler kit for a 1g dsm and am a little curious if any one has tried or knows if it would fit on to my 2g with minimal fab work or is it to different to work
  8. Justyn

    WTB 91-92.5 oil filter housing

    Good afternoon everyone. I'm looking for a oil filter housing for my 1992 talon that has a 6 bolt motor. I have a spare but it looks like it's for a 7 bolt so it wont work. Let me know. Thanks.
  9. PlumOne

    Sold 1991 Eagle Talon TSI project car with some upgrades

    Hey guys so time has come to sell my Talon and I’m hoping to sell to a member here, someone who has the experience to turn this into either a daily driver or a true race car/track beast. Before I say anything else, this car will have to be towed away on a flat bed. The car has been sitting and...
  10. 1G Rattle noise from under valve cover on transmission side of motor

    So i bought a manual 91 eclipse that was missing radiator, intercooler piping, battery, rotors/pads, exhuast manifold and had a huge crack on the turbo. After a couple of days of swapping parts from my 92 talon tsi (snapped a band in the tranny and is now parts car) and finally figuring out why...
  11. For Sale WTB 4g63T 6 bolt long block

    looking to buy and 4G63T 6 bolt long block. Its going in a 1992 1G B eagle talon TSI. Looking to shipping to Washington state. Text 253.441.5027
  12. 1G Loud knocking/thudding on acceleration

    So I got the car running, put in the new squirters and new timing belt etc but whenever I first fired it up it had this intermittent knocking sound. Drove it around a bit, went on the highway and off and it got a lot worse after getting off the highway. When I begin to accelerate, it's not very...
  13. 1G Crankshaft/Piston Oil Squirters

    So I'm changing my oil pan on a 1g 4g63, I bottomed-out and it got bashed in, the oil pick up looks okay it's just ever so slightly dented - when I was pouring the remnants of oil out of the old pan the #1 piston and #2 piston oil squirters fell out with it, they're broken off. Everything else...
  14. Colby90laser

    1G Bought a 2.0 l turbo with 2 ecu?

    I am doing a 1990 laser 4g37 to a 4g63t swap and had purchased a car with rebuilt motor that came with an extra ecu wired into harness. Swap motor is out of a 1991 laser but previous owner said the motor number are not matching so not sure what year motor is but deal was to good to pass up...
  15. brandonc452

    Sold Brand new 6 bolt Hyundai timing cover(test fitted only) $65 + shipping

    Brand new only test fitted ill grab some pictures tomorrow (3/14) for you guys $65 plus shipping
  16. Firstdsmhlpme

    1G Has fuel, has spark, wont start....

    So about 2 months ago i pulled into a gas station to get gas. After getting gas i got in thr car and it wouldnt start. So i got it towed back home and started diagnosing. Verified fuel at the return line, spark by arching the plugs on the valve cover. I replaced the fuel filter and coolant temp...
  17. 1990 Eclipse GSX (Good Buy/Build or Not worth it)

    I've been interested in a 1g DSM for a while but have been reluctant in the past. This might be the time where I finally commit to buying one but I wanted to see if this car I found was a good build and if its worth it. I have found a red 1990 GSX 5 speed with 131,000 miles and these mods done...
  18. Dalton Smith

    1G 91-94 Starts but missfires

    So Lately my Daily Driver has been running fine, pulls hard at over 50lbs/min, Done me right for over a year. So when I turned it on and it didn't want to start without throttle or idle due to what felt like a bad igniter Which I'd experienced prior on my other DSM I was sure of a quick fix. So...
  19. Anacleto Garcia

    For Sale A lot of 1g manual parts interior to

    I do have everything to make any auto dsm into a manual literally everything new clouch master and slave cylinders and pedal ,brand new never used or installed ACT 580 ft- pound torque clouch and pressure plate, OEM flywheel, OEM working clouch and pressure plate , manual shifter manual...
  20. darkgant

    Built 1gb talon/Godzilla r32 gtr/rhd s13 silvia need some love/support

    Hey wats going on guys as u can tell by the title I’m in need of support..I have a s13rhd silvia /r32 skyline gtr/1gb awd talon all of which is getting built/redone/etc by me (*talon already built) and all I need from you guys is to help me grow ,like/comment /share/subscribe to my YouTube page...
  21. Brembo


    A little about me and how I got my dsm. Many years ago during high school I wanted a dsm. My mother would not allow me to buy a 1G locally because it looked terrible as the clear coat was peeling on it. As a result I bought a 2g. It was a 1997 in red with beige interior. I loved that thing...
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