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Wierd MSD DIS2 Problems...

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Jul 24, 2002
I put in my DIS2 this weekend and hooked the tach lead upto the white wire on the ignitor so my tach will work. It works ok however it only works for about the first 5 mins that the car is running. I can drive then after about 5 mins the tach just goes dead. I checked with my pocket logger and noticed that it picks up the RPM signal but my tach and safc dont. Also it doesn't matter what I set my two step at it cuts at 4250 if it set it at 3000 or 5000 it doesn't matter, every time 4250.

Anybody have a similar problems?
When you put the bypass plug in, does the engine run like it should? If it does, you probably have a bad unit. The DIS-2 has a high failure rate, like I was telling you guys in that other MSD thread you posted in. But if the engine is still running funny with the bypass plug in, you probably have the wiring wrong. What wiring instructions did you use to install it?

Welcome to the wonderful world of MSDs. I went through 3 before I sold mine. Nothing but problems. Got tired of a car that would only start at random times.

COMPLETE waste of money.
Turns out that I need a Tach Adapter and that they sometimes work and sometimes dont. I used the install diagram found here

It is sorta funny though cause I cant change my two step, gonna have to see if it works with the tach adapter. I have installed about 10 of these in various Cavaliers etc and havn't had a single one come back, it's wierd that you speak of such a high return rate. I'll have to see what happens with mine.
DAMN......... im glad i read this i was sure about to get one at the end of the week. THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!
i was about to but i saw this post..... saved me some search time:p :p :p
I asked MSD about it directly, even they will tell you that the failure rate is 2% on the DIS-2, compared to 1% or less on everything else. I suspect those numbers are a bit low, and only count warranty returns(ie, if it died and was returned after the warranty was up, so it wasnt replaced under warranty, its not counted). The closest DSM shop to me doesnt sell it because of how high the failure rate is.

I used that same wiring diagram to install an MSD for someone else, so I know that works.

The tach adapter should NOT affect the 2 step, unless they really screwed up the design. Put your bypass plug in, and see how it runs without the MSD in. If it runs good, and doesnt rev limit at 4250, then I'd suspect your MSD unit is bad. If you really want to try every possibility out, just disconnect the tach wire from the MSD box, plug the MSD back in, and see if it runs and limits properly then. If it still doesnt launch limit properly with the tach wire disconnected, its has to be a problem with the box.

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