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v3 lite + wideband?


10+ Year Contributor
Dec 27, 2008
Calgary, AB_Canada
will be purchasing ecmlink v3lite right away, just wondering if i need a wideband aswell? or if i can do it all through v3?

also my understanding is that all i need is a 95 eprom? if i have an eprom i dont need to get it socketed for anything do i?

and 2g non eprom ecus arent convertable to eprom right?

sorry for my noobness i am willing to admit it i am a newb to tuning and this is the first car i will be tuning with.
thanks in advance


Oct 15, 2006
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Please search next time, as all of this has been answered before.

Yes, you will want to get a wideband. This tells you your air:fuel ratio (can be logged in link so you can review it in a log) and helps you tune your car. Without it, you can't really be sure if you're rich or lean.

Yes, you will need an EPROM ECU from a '95. You can check to see if you have one since you own a '95. Yes, it will need to be socketed so you can install the ECMlink chip. You can send your ECU to ECMtuning and they'll socket it for you and ship it back with your v3 setup (if you order directly through them).

At the moment, they are not able to convert a non-EPROM to an EPROM.


10+ Year Contributor
Dec 27, 2008
Calgary, AB_Canada
sorry for lack or searching. i am guilty.
thanks for the help though
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