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Uninstalling oil dipstick tube

This site may earn a commission from merchant
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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


10+ Year Contributor
Dec 19, 2011
Denver, Colorado
I am attempting to remove the oil dipstick tube to replace the o-ring as there is a slow but significant leak coming from its base. I know this is a two step process
  1. Remove bolt
  2. pull dipstick until it pops out
Unfortunately I cant get my socket around the bolt properly because of the nipple that comes off of the coolant pipe. After two unsuccessful attempts, I've only succeeded in rounding off the bolt (hopefully to it's still salvageable)

What tools/socket are you guys using to remove this bolt without taking the waterpipe off?

I REALLY want to do this right but I might just slather gray RTV around the base of the tube. I hate having to jerry-rig fixes like that though...
I used a socket last time. I can't remember If I used a swivel or not. I would look outside right now to see how the waterpipe is supposedly in the way but its pouring rain outside right now.

Edit- If I remember correctly, It was a deep socket, so the handle of the ratchet was farther away from the engine. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.
It's not the main 2" diameter water pipe that is in the way, it's the 3/8" nipple that tees off and connects to a hose that goes to the oil pump. I'll get a picture when my girlfriend gets here if it isn't raining here too.
Rain just stopped. Silly Florida LOL. Anyway, I see the small pipe your talking about. I was able to put a socket over the bolt no problem. I'm wondering what the deal is with yours.
The socket gets around the bolt but is cocked at about a 20 degree angle which is just enough to slip and round the bolt when I try to torque it.

There isn't a whole lot of room so I'm coming from above with a normal craftsman socket, not deep socket, a 6 inch extension, with a flex head. I might try removing the oil filter and go at it from below.

Thank you for going out to check for me though! I appreciate it.
Go to Harbor Freight and buy a cheap set of swivel sockets. Sockets that are built in swivel head design. The wobbly swivel adapter peice sometimes sucks. Do you have a friend or uncle or someone that is a career mechanic by trade? I bet you could go borrow the socket from a friend, or a crows foot socket
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