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Sunroof Dis-Assembly, Maintenance and Drive Cable Install

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

How to Remove Sunroof Assembly

Headliner Removal:

1. Remove sunroof open/close switch trim, both sun visors along with clips (disconnect electrical plugs), along with sunroof opening trim/molding. These parts should simply unscrew (except sunroof trim/molding, this simply comes off).

2. Remove passenger side "Oh Shit" handle. Simply push and pull on the rubber endcaps on each side of handle in order to expose the screws holding the handle in place.

3. Remove both A-pillar plastic trim pieces. This involves slightly tugging on them in order to pop them out of the frame. There are no screws holding these in. Underneath the A-pillar trim you should see 2 plastic tabs (1 under each piece) holding the headliner to the roof, gently pry these from the frame.

4. Remove the bottom portion of the rear seat. There are two levers (1 on each side) between the seat cushion and the carpeting. Pull these while pushing the cushion upwards, the seat cushion should separate come free.

5. Remove both rear plastic interior quarter panel peices. Make sure you remove all the screws before attempting the pull on it. One screw is located under where the seat cushion sits and one is behind the rear seat back. Then simply tug around the edges to pop out the plastic rivets.

6. Start to remove the rear window plastic interior peice (complete removal is not necessary, but does aid in the ease of removal). Remove the three screws directly under the window, the factory clothes hook, along with the upper rear seatbelt bolt.

7. Make sure that the adjustable front seat belt unit is lowered completely (or removed) in order to ease in access to the headliner tabs.

8. Gently pry the plastic tab holding the headliner from the frame. Notice the headliner also is inserted into a metal 'hook'.

9. Remove rear headliner trim piece. There are no screws holding this in, simply push the peice towards the drivers side while pulling it away from the roof.

10. Completely remove the headlinder fromt the vehicle.

Sunroof Assembley Removal:

1. Remove the 6 hex screws holding the sunroof glass to the sliders. Remove glass. (see diagram)
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2. Unplug the 3 wiring harnesses that are connected to the sunroof switch, the sunroof motor, and the sunroof control module.

3. Remove the sunroof switch mounting plate.

4. Lastly remove the 6 nuts on the inside of the car that is holding the sunroof assembly to the roof. Having a partner will help, but the assembly is not heavy at all and can be removed by yourself.

Problem Diagnosis: AKA "What the hell is wrong with this thing"

- Place a blanket on the roof of the vehicle and place the entire sunroof assembly on top of the car.

- Reconnect all three wiring harnesses (motor, switch, sunroff control module) in order to operate the assembly.

- Open/Close sunroof sliders and watch for any obstructions, broken parts, missing parts, etc.

- Lube any and all moving peices that come in contact with each other. I prefer to use products like: Dri-Slide Improved Weapons Lubricant (it's a dry Moly/Graphite spray typically used in the cleaning and lubing of firearms, available at most gun shops), PTFE Dry Lubricants (usually used in Marine applications but is available at Schucks/Autozone/Pepboys), and/or White Lithium grease (available at Schucks/Autozone/Pepboys).

- NOTE: White Lithium will attract dirt but is what is recommended by the dealership. I used this sparingly on abrupt contact points.

How to Install Drive Cables:

1. Make sure that the motor is removed from the sunroof assembly. (see diagram)
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2. Insert Drive Cables into the cable guide tubes with only the slider connection ends exposed. The shorter drive cable MUST be installed on the Pass. side, longer on the driver side.

3. With both sliders completely in the closed position, connect drive cables to the sliders. (see diagram)
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4. Re-install the sunroof motor.

5. Double check that the Sunroof Control Module (the rectangle black box on the pass. side of the sunroof switch) is conncted firmly to the sunroof assembly and that the gear on it is touching the exposed driver's side Drive Cable (there is a small notch in the black drive cable cover to allow the cable to touch the Sunroof Control Module gear).

6. Re-install sunroof glass.

7. Press and hold the Sunroof Open/Close switch in order to COMPLETELY close the sunroof. (This step re-traines the Module to learn how far "completely closed" and "completely open" is, and is extremely important if previously you were playing around with opening and closing the sunroof during the "what the hell is wrong with this thing" step.)

8. Put your headliner back together and have another cold one.
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