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Spyder SRS light

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Probationary Member
Sep 30, 2008
B-lo, New_York

I have a 1997 GST Spyder that I am getting ready to sell. The horn switches have given me trouble for years so I decided to remove the center of the steering wheel to have a look at them. This ended up just being the 4 screws on the back of the wheel and the whole center of the wheel, including the airbag assy and the horn switches came out. I left the wiring connected. Also, I didn't disconnect the battery if that makes a difference

The horn switches looked too complicated for me to bother with, so I just re-assembled this back into the steering wheel and re-installed the 4 screws on the back of the wheel. When I started the car next, the SRS dashboard light came on and stayed lit.

I've tried disconnecting the battery, and even tried turning the key while the battery was disconnected, but the light is still lit when I re-install the battery and re-start the car.

Does anyone know what I did here and how to get the SRS light to go off?


15+ Year Contributor
Nov 20, 2007
virginia Beach, Virginia
you probably need to get it scanned by a dealer or someone who could trouble shoot your srs ecu.


Oct 15, 2006
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Wow, you're a very daring person. Working on the SRS system without disconnecting the battery? For the future, PLEASE disconnect the battery when working on anything electrical and especially when working with an airbag. Disconnect it and wait at least 5 minutes and then you can remove the airbag. You have to wait after disconnecting it to make sure the charge is gone and the airbag won't deploy.

I'm not sure how you were able to work on the horn switches without disconnecting the airbag. The wires on that are very short, so you may have pulled it out a bit but didn't realize it. Then when you reinstalled everything, it didn't see that the airbag was plugged in and threw the code. The only way to get this code cleared is to go to a dealer or a mechanic who was a tool that can do this. Make sure when asking around that you specify that this is for an SRS light and not a CEL light. Almost all mechanics can clear a CEL light, but not many have the provisions to clear a SRS light.


15+ Year Contributor
Nov 20, 2007
virginia Beach, Virginia
yes, please do not mess with any srs equipment. otherwise you will feel how hard mike tyson's punch after that bag deploys on your face.


15+ Year Contributor
Jun 27, 2006
Cleveland, Ohio
I put new steering wheels On Toyota Camry's EVERYDAY and I never disconect the battery. You just Can't turn the Key ON while the Bag is disconnected. Once The SRS system sees that the Bag is missing or unpluged It throws a code that Usually the dealer has to reset. Even If the problem is corrected you may still have to have the system reset by a mitsu dealer.

I would Open the wheel back up and make sure you didn't pull out any wires or plugs.
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