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My turbo controller is connected to my BOV is this bad

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Probationary Member
May 6, 2012
Teague, Texas
I know the BOV vac line gos to the intake manifold, and the turbo controller runs from the housing to the wastgate but iv had this car for about 5 years and it's alway Ben like this from the day I got it. The vac line runs from the intake manifold to the BOV thin it has a T then runs to the boost controller then the wastgate. Is it safe to run it like this. Will it not work as good like this,it dos work I can turn the controller up and you can her it boost up just at idel and it defanintly makes the cars turbo pull hard
It is not recommended to tee into the BOV for the MBC. You should just get rid of the tee and run a straight line from the intake to BOV. Have your MBC lines run off the compressor housing or boost source and the wastegate. No need for a tee in the system.
if you been running it for 5 years than it should be safe :D . the way i have mines connected one vac hose goes to the wastegate and one goes to the j-pipe. if you dont run a 14b or 16g the other hose goes to the turbo nipple. thats the original way of connecting the boost control. try changing it to the way i posted just to be safe.
It is bad, the bov should always have its own line to properly operate.

The reason its so commonly seen is because during the time when VFAQ did the write up on how to use a MBC it was a common misconception that you should tee into the blow off valve line.
I'm not sure what turbo is on the car I got it when I was in high school when I didn't now much about cars. It's ben parked for a wile. I now just about everything about my cummins now and have fully rebuilt the truck myself, and now have started on work on this now that I now a little bit about turbo vehicles. The plate on the turbo has fallen off so I don't have anything to tell what it is. I drove it the other day and the boost gauge don't work anymore going to get a new one for it but if I remember currently the turbo runs about 20-25psi. I really don't now much of what's on the car and I'm slowly finding out. And I'm not sure how much stuff that is need was takin off when I got the car. It's got a wet noss set up on it but don't plane on using it I'm going to take it off soon. I don't have any engine or fuel-management system on the car eather and I'm not sure what to get for it or what's the best system to get

Sorry about the mess I'm using my phone

The turbo has the line at the bottom of it where It gos into the wastgate I guess but it's plugged. I also found a port at the top that was open where I was lossing boost bad, I put a plug in it for now
Take a picture of your turbo and Justin will tell you what it is I'm sure. As for fuel management get ECMlink V3.

Take pics of the whole engine bay and we can help you figure your set up out.
The old Taboo Speed shop diagram strikes again!!

Just give the BOV its own source from the nipple on the intake, and put your MBC in between a line coming off the turbo compressor housing and the wastegate nipple. Set it, and go.
Il get some pictures on here of it but in the mean time is there a way I can tell the size of my injectors so I can get a management system on the way
Pull one and look. If it is marked with a part number, you should be able to reference it online. Some aren't marked though, but pulling one doesn't take very long.
Over the years ive always found it better to isolate the vacum lines and run individual.specially when running a mbc.
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