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Ideas for weight reduction on a 2g!

John H

10+ Year Contributor
Mar 23, 2010
smtihtown, New_York
CF parts will be your best bet, you can start chopping away at unneeded weight in the trunk area etc, remove your cat-back, lighter brakes, rotors etc, lighter suspension parts, The more rotating mass you can eliminate the better!


15+ Year Contributor
Jan 10, 2006
Regina, SK_Canada
If you have a sunroof you can replace the glass with a carbon fiber replacement.

I really want to do this. Do you know where I can buy a replacement, or how I can go about doing this?


15+ Year Contributor
Apr 23, 2006
West Hills, California
I gutted my interior and even ran without carpeting for the longest time :p Lightweight flywheel was an awesome mod as well. While I still have the OEM hood and hatch, I'd like to actually see how much the CF replacements actually weigh... I havent seen any mass produced autoclaved vacuum-bagged CF replacements yet, just CF skinned fiberglass parts so I'm skeptical at this point. But who knows I could be wrong :D


15+ Year Contributor
Dec 28, 2003
Miami, Florida
Lol at all you slow guys giving advice and and throwing in your opinions on car gutting. Guess what a dsm is. Another economy pos that people in 2010 now view you as a poor ass because you drive a stock mid 90s car. These cars are mostly weekend cars/projects now. If you actually knew what it takes to go fast in one of these cars you would automatically know that you need to do everything you can to reduce weight to keep your built transmission from shearing teeth and your drive train from exploding. So for those of you that say just raise the boost , please dont give advice any more. The OP wanted ideas for weight reduction not your thoughts on why you dont like it.

To the OP : in the passenger rear wheel well, follow the fuel fill down to a brace. Take that brace off along with the bolts. Thats like 2-3 lbs. You can also get a hole saw and go to town on the fuel tank stay. Then the glove box is also very heavy, and looks surprisingly clean when gone, and gives more leg room to the passenger if you have a passenger race seat.

:thumb: well said, i have a lexus and buick i drive everyday so i'm gutting my gs-t as we speak. i know it's a couple months old but i like your point.


15+ Year Contributor
May 1, 2005
Phoenix, Arizona
U can save 25 lbs by switching to a full coilover suspension and ditching the steel bulky stock suspension..

just my 02's


10+ Year Contributor
Jul 23, 2009
Ishpeming, Michigan
Just thought I would bring this thread back from the dead and let you all know how much came out of it, These are rough numbers as more will be going in but its an idea Street trim : 2652 Track trim: 2490 The weight split ended up being very nice too without having coil overs to set up yet.


10+ Year Contributor
Apr 3, 2012
PHX, Arizona
Bringing this back from the dead..
just deleted my AC, relocated battery to trunk..

Gonna start taking out back seats (upper,lower and all belts)
i want to delete the sun roof, go to plexy glass and CF hood, fenders, doors and hatch
need to remove heating components, might delete stereo and speakers also, etc..

Wondering where you guys weigh your cars so i can get a before/after
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