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HKS 272/272,Kelford 272/272, or Kelford 264/270

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Oct 11, 2007
El Cajon, California
Any one have any insight on these cams that they could help me with? I kinda have my mind set, but would like other people's opinions. Already have HKS 272's but would like something that will still be 500+HP worthy and hopefully better spooling. I would like to have that Lumpy idle.. but it is more about performance to me. This is going to be a RR/autoX car. So i want to not lose too much low end. I noticed the lift on the Kelford 264/270 is still more than the lift on the HKS's. It seems they have a more aggressive ramp rate. Seems like the Kelford 272's will be maybe too big of a cam and I may lose spool over the other two, but am not sure. What do you guys think?:D

I was guessing the Kelford 264/270 combo would give me the topend like the HKS's with more torque and spool. What do you guys think? Thanks for the input!:thumb:
ANY input at all would really help out. Anyone have experience at least with going from an HKS 272 to a Kelford 272 combo and some input? I know the 264/270 may be a little less popular...
not many reviews on the kelford for the DSM
but in the evo world it really beat those hks cams badly
u could send an email to kelford, i sent them few mails
they reply with good info and recommendations.
i will go ahead and call monday then.:hellyeah: i know kelfords are better that's why i sold my hks today to get some, just need to figure out which combo is best suited for me.any links to some of those evo results? i could go looking for them, but would really like results on both the cam combo's for kelford. i will go digging around.:thumb:
The reason why the kelford 272s beat the hks 272s so badly is because they are are really 226 duration at .05" lift with nice timing tweeks for a typical "teh shop car setup"; versus hks and fp2 cams which are 212-213 duration, with overlap/timing to compliment everyone over the entire board from 16g to gt35r. They are really just simply bigger cams and should be rated with other cams of like size, instead of rated with the small street 272s we are used to seeing. Advertized duration is for the advertizer's benefit.

Kelford 264/260 cams are even bigger than the common 272s out there. Nice trick. They really have some good ideas on the cam timing required to get the most out of these motors; yet nothing cam gears installed before test and tune night could give you, because every setup is different. No one building a 500whp 4cylinder isn't looking at ideal cam timing for their particular setup. So in the end, if you're looking for typical 272 results and like kelford then get those 264/260s. Forget the advertized duration and look at the .05" or 1mm duration to pick what you want. Don't be fooled like the cam testers.

IF you have control over the timing (again no one building a 500whp car isn't looking at ideal cam timing, 'drop in' is a bad joke) and you've chosen a duration that best suits your goal, then all that's left is the ramp rate and peak lift. and these cams have no special peak lift. The pre-ramp is apparently killer: 272 duration at .004" lift that sees 226 duration at .05" is really aggressive. Yet these cams seam to be ok with typical spring upgrades that all other hot cams are requiring these days. The results of various cams on one build mean nothing but that the shop owner found a cam that works best for his shop car build ;)

BTW, glad to see that you're not just calling/contacting the your preferred cam builder to get your answers. No capitalist says their product isn't what you need :p
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