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2G Help my clutch is giving me problems

Posted by Nelson9995, Apr 17, 2019

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  1. Nelson9995

    Nelson9995 Probationary Member

    Joined Apr 10, 2019
    Isabela, Puerto Rico
    I just put a new clutch on my car. I had the flywheel cut, new clutch , and new PP. I put the tranny back and started bleeding it and for some reason the pedal gets really hard and wen I go under the car and check the slave it’s completely extended outwards( with out me putting pressure on the pedal) the I bleed it and then it gets really soft and after a few time of pumping it. It goes back to be completely extended. Does any one know what this could be. Btw slave and master is brand new.

    Street Build 116  1

    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    fwd · manual · 2G DSM

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  2. llxkevinxll

    llxkevinxll Proven Member

    Joined Jan 29, 2012
    Cleveland, Ohio
    You may need to adjust the rod on the pedal under the dash.


    Autocross Build 2K  4

    1996 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    13.06 @ 105.75 · 2G DSM

    Street Build 1K  1

    1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    awd · manual · 1G DSM
  3. Nelson9995

    Nelson9995 Probationary Member

    Joined Apr 10, 2019
    Isabela, Puerto Rico
    I adjusted it and the farther I put the rod from the firewall the harder it gets and if I put it close it get realllllyyyyy soft and it start to stick to the floor and it just stays like that I tried little by little and I just can’t get a gear. I bled it a bunch u wasted like have bottle of the liter brake fluid

    Street Build 116  1

    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    fwd · manual · 2G DSM
  4. dustyboner

    dustyboner DSM Wiseman

    Joined Mar 13, 2016
    abq, New Mexico
    could be the clutch line. the flexible rubber line that connects the hard lines. the inner section of the hose can collapse. when you press the pedal, there is enough pressure to force fluid past the collapsed section. when you let off the pedal there isn't enough pressure in the opposite direction to move fluid past the collapse.
  5. Mello

    Mello Proven Member

    Joined Jul 4, 2003
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    I had a similar problem like you on a clutch job a while back. In the end it was my new slave cylinder, bad out of the box. The bleeder nipple would not seal no matter how tight I tried to get it without breaking & kept let air back into the slave body. Ran almost 2 big bottle of fluid trying to bleed the air. Would keep adjusting the rod out under the dash when doing the peddle adjusting to the point it would end up blocking the master's bleed back port & then the peddle would be super hard. Gave up & let it sit over night & noticed fluid leaking around the slave bleeder nipple. Took it back for an exchange & fixed my problem.
  6. K_81_K

    K_81_K Proven Member

    Joined Jun 1, 2018
    Ontario, ON, Canada
    Sound like a bad master to be honest
    It’s not allowing the back flow of fluid and creating a hydraulic lockup
    If the master is new I would try replacing it (warranty) and bench bleed it well before installing it
    Also refer to the video that Kevin posted for a good understanding of proper adjustment
  7. spyderdrifter

    spyderdrifter Freelancer

    Joined Jul 11, 2009
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    This video explains and shows the process better than the Jack's Trans video. Jafro know his sh!t...

    Watch "Trans & Clutch 8 - Adjust the Clutch" on YouTube

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    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    awd · manual · 2G DSM

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    1996 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    awd · manual · 2G DSM

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    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse N/T
    automatic · 2G DSM

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