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Header Wrap [Merged 3-8] thermal DEI headers exhaust


Proven Member
Mar 3, 2007
madison, Wisconsin
I got a 50 foot roll of the 1 inch wide and still ran out. I soaked it in a bucket of water beforehand. It does make it easier to work with and let's you wrap a lot tighter than dry. I wrapped it really tightly each wrap having half the width of the tape. I'm gong to have to buy another ten feet of wrap to complete it exactly as I want it. I'm pretty happy with it. It did steam up pretty nicely thru my new carbon trix hood vent when I first test drove it after the install. People were getting pretty excited at stop lights etc thinking that my car was overheating. Right off the bat, I noticed that it did spool up the turbo faster! Underhood temperatures do seem to be lower. Not a huge amount lower but lower. I found the wire ties really hard to work with. I also found the heat in the engine bay to be more localized, more centered around the exhaust side of the block and quite a bit lower on the intake side of the motor. I think I'm going to wrap the rest of the manifold, the O2 sensor housing with it's dump tube and the downpipe up to the flex section. As soon as I finish wrapping the exhaust manifold I'm going to spray it with the hi temp silicon spray to keep it together for longer.


DSM Wiseman
Jul 12, 2006
Vancouver, Washington
Looks good. I know what you mean about that first drive and the smoking (and it stinks too). It's kind of embarrassing.

Those SS ties are crap. It seems like you can never get enough tension on them as they tend to loosen up a little right away leaving unwanted slack. And if you cut the free end to minimize that long end sticking out it leaves a nice sharp edge to cut yourself on in the future.

The last time I wrapped my manifold I used good old fashioned wire. Used pliers to twist the ends to get it super snug. When I wrap the new DP I have waiting to go on I will use either wire or just some regular worm gear hose clamps.


Nov 19, 2006
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Hose clamps work great for the downpipe. I could see them being difficult to use on an exhaust manifold, however.

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