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"Barn Find" Clean Talon restoration and street build

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Hey guys. New-old member but couldn't remember my old username. I had a NA car waaay back when (almost 20 years ago) and always wanted to finally get ahold of a AWD Turbo car. Found this gem about 10 minutes from me and had to buy it.

It's been sitting in a garage for 15+ years. Mostly stock besides some coilovers, but the engine bay had been pretty well stripped down for a build. 117k miles and virtually no rust anywhere what so ever.

Short term goals:
Get it running driving in a fairly stock form then enjoy the "build" process over time. Drive it to work some and just enjoy the car. Maybe some mild bolt on's and get it looking nice.

Long term goals:
Maybe 400-450 wheel horse and keep it mostly street-able. Occasional auto-x or drag weekends and some local car shows like Cars+Coffee.

Trying to get the car on the road, running/driving for under $6k. So far I'm in it for $4500 for the car and motor.

Motor: Got one picked up from the scrap yard with 107k miles.
Timing kit and water pump
Belts and Hoses

One coilover in the rear is blown. Looking at my options.

Two or three panels missing
Broken window switch.

Wash and full detail

All fluids
Inspect brakes and maybe a pad slap

I'm sure I'm missing some odds and ends and will find things I need as it goes back together.

Edit: Added Photos.




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Looks very clean. I'd say you found a good one, and TEN MINUTES FROM YOUR HOUSE......NICE!!!!!
Nice dude congrats , I found a 95 tsi 10 min from my house but the rear section of both rocker panels are rusted bad , your lucky you found one so clean .
Guess I'll hop on for a 1 year(ish) update.
Slow progress. Life's busy yadda yadda. I'm also not a mechanic so I'm slow. This is a forever car so I'm in no hurry.

The used long block I picked up got degreased, fresh timing belt kit, water pump, and any seals that looked remotely sus (most all of them). I didn't want to completely tear this block down as it isn't going to be in the car forever. Just want it to run and drive so I can make sure the trans is good, along with all the drivetrain components. Basically want to get the car's feet under her before putting in a built motor etc, and just tinker with the car and enjoy the process.


Ran into a broken stud or two. Had a pretty, all black, valve cover with the car so swapped that over. Old bare block out and long block bolted into the car and most of the wiring connected.



Also notice the wheels. The tires on the car were dry rotted so picked up something temporary that holds air and can actually see the road, just to move the car around and hold me until I decide on what wheels I actually want. The tires are a bit stretched for my tastes, but they're fine for getting it to move under it's own power. Again, temporary.

Also found a small 16g and some 750cc injectors for a reasonable price last weekend. Debating on swapping the exhaust manifold and risking fighting another broken stud. We'll see.

The fans may have been a waste, but I can still rob the connectors off them if needed.

Still need to:
Plumb everything from TB to turbo
Battery tray and battery
Exhaust - o2 Housing back
Coolant lines
Vacuum lines
ECU basic/stock tune
Front axles
Brakes all around
Basic supporting mods (gauges, boost controller, etc.)
No idea what fuel pump is in it yet, but judging by the stainless line running to the fuel rail, it's been upgraded.

My goal for summer is just to get the car to crank/run/drive and get it registered. I need to make sure the trans/diff/xfer case are all good. And to make sure my timing job doesn't grenade the motor. Again, I'm not a mechanic. I'm basically just trying to get the car back to stock to ensure everything is in order for upgrades. And learning as I go. Also get it paint corrected and a few small dents pulled.

Once I can drive it somewhat regularly, I'll start upping the boost and making power, adding mods, etc. Next year I'll start looking at built motor options and when I'm good and ready, tear everything down again to clean up and paint the engine bay, long term rust prevention, etc etc.

Hopefully my next post is a cranking video and maybe moving it around the neighborhood.

TLDR: it's coming along. Trying to get it to run/drive at a "stock" capacity and learn as I go. Up the boost and add parts as I get more comfortable with my handywork.

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To encourage you: the best thing I did with my build was decide to take my time. It re-energized me, and helped me regain focus and stuff. I ended up completing it way sooner than I expected and recently got it running as a result! So stick with it. Slow and steady. You'll get there some day.

Absolutely adore the 2GA Talon's btw.
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