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A/t pulse generator code...question

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

spooling 1g

15+ Year Contributor
Mar 10, 2005
Mt.Vernon, Ohio
I have a 91 tsi AWD, auto. Once it shifts through the gears, to will not downshift. At this point the check engine light comes on. So it stays in third. Also the overdrive does not work. Once restarted it will go through the gears fine, until the check engine light comes on. The clutch pack was changed, and also the fluid. We pulled the codes....its "81". "open circuit pulse generator A".

This is my friends car....he said a green wiring going into one of the sensors on the tranny was frayed. He cut and respliced it. Not change in driving.

So do i have bad generators? What else can we check? Any input would be great. Thanks


15+ Year Contributor
Apr 9, 2005
Chino, California
Yes a Code 81 will put you into limp mode, and thats why you can't downshift, the tranny stays in 3rd. One easy way to check the pulse generators is to ohm them. The connector in front of the tranny with 2 other connectors. It should have 4 wires 2 of them have a black tube covering them and 2 have a clear tube. Just ohm them out. I can find the specs if you need them, but usually they will show 0.L on your ohm meter. if they are bad. Don't quote me but I believe that Pulse generator A is the clear tube one. Hope this helps if not I'll try and refraise
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