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6266 Build or Bust

This site may earn a commission from merchant
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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Cars nice! Man looking at your mods list I would have guessed that was a low 11 second car. Super nice build w very impressive upgrades. I hope to eventually get that nice of parts!
Hey thanks man! I’m planning on some big upgrades this winter. Unfortunately my one track trip this pretty humbling and dissapointing to say the least. I only made 2 runs, red lit on the first, and bogged bad on the second and was blocked from third, ran a 14 something with a 35r on 34 pounds of boost LOL. Drag racing isn’t easy I guess forgot how important seat time is. But the car was a blast on the dsm82, and I know the car was making good power, but I’m ready for a new direction with the car.
I just picked up this jacks hd drag trans off eBay! Super stoked to finally have an upgraded trans with a 4 spider diff, also gonna be pulling the motor for forged internals and upgraded valve train. Ever since I picked up a nice jh racing t4 divided manifold my mind has been spinning with new options and goals on the car. Super excited to have a new stout set up:hellyeah:
So here’s my car currently, I’ve decided to pull the motor again and rebuild it right to handle some power. I was originally going to simply throw on a new turbo and run the new trans/clutch set up, but I figured with the fluids drained, tranny and axles out I might as well just rebuild the damn thing and not worry about the stock bottom end breaking LOL. I’ll try and ad updates as I move along, it’s a boring build thread I know but I figure I’ll give the whole participation thing a shot LOL
My goal is 600whp, I’m planning on going with some manley h beams/pistons, and upgrading the fuel lines and intercooler while I’m at it. Hoping the rewired 450 with the addition of a Bosch 044 and hi z 1650’s will get me there, and while the block/head are at the machine swap I’ll delete the ac, and throw in my 4 bolt rear end:thumb:
I'm still kicking myself for not buying that dsm82. It sounds like the car is going to be down for a long time. These "while I'm in there" type projects last a while as you keep thinking of things to replace while you're in there.
Ha that’s the truth Vegas! I’m super excited tho, saying I have a t4 divided set up just sounds cool LOL, anyways as far as the dsm82 goes if I was staying bolt on I guarantee you I would have sold it to get that new fp zero coming out LOL
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If you are interested in ac, I have all the parts you need including several parts never used, still in original box.

Thanks man! But I have everything now thanks to Jeremy.
Little update, the motors been out of the car for a few weeks now, but I’ve been with the house, new tile floor in the kitchen, what a PITA LOL.
The cars been put to good use tho :thumb:. I generated more trash then I thought I would with the new grill:hellyeah:
Got her on the stand ready for tear down, I’m excited to see what the pistons and bearings look like, this was a stock rebuild that only has a couple thousand miles on it. I also picked up a new act flywheel a while back and some Manley pistons! Their 9:1 with the thicker wrist pin.
Finally starting the teardown! I’m excited to see what my bearings look like with less than 500 miles on them. I’ll post updates as slowly tear this thing down, I’m in no rush, again this is a perfectly fine, healthy rebuilt stock 6 bolt. I’m simply tearing it down so I can build it right to hopefully make some power.
It looks like I had some kind of leak on the passenger side of the intake manifold OMG


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