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Wiring Aftermarket Alarm and Turbo Timer together - EASY WAY, no cutting or relays

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Alright guys. Well it seems like this is a common problem for many DSMers. You get a nice aftermarket alarm, and of course you have your nice $200 turbo timer you decided to put on your pretty much stock DSM with t25 that is water and oil cooled so turbo timing is not even really necessary and vented BOV and open downpipe.

You manage to install both correctly, but there is a problem. You can't arm your alarm while timing down because chaos happens after the countdown of the turbo timer. Also it even unlocks your doors after countdown. What is going on?!?

I've helped installed several aftermarket alarms on a few 2Gs, and I always search for this one really old post from another forum. I'm installing another one today, and I had to search for that old post. Why not just make it easy to find by submitting it into the tech articles.


Now first thing to remember, all those sites that give you wiring diagrams for the 2G, most if not all of them are WRONG. Including the ever-so-popular Below is the CORRECT colors (vfaq wiring is also correct):

White = Constant 12V
Black/Red = Starter
Blue = ACC
Black/White = IGN1
Blue/Black = IGN2

This is all at the ignition switch.

now all credit goes to awd92gsx for this method, I followed his method and it worked..

Honestly, if a shop has to setup a turbo timer and alarm system using external relays, they don't fully understand how all of the different systems work.

The solution to using a turbo timer with an aftermarket alarm is very simple, especially DEI alarms (Viper, Python, Hornet, etc...)

Install the turbo timer as normal to IGN 1 and IGN 2

Remove the IGN wire from the alarm, and switch it over to ACC and you will be able to arm the alarm and run the turbo timer at the same time. Unless your alarm is overly sensitive, it shouldn't go off with the engine running.

Why does this work? The alarm monitors your IGN wire for voltage drop. As soon as it drops voltage then the alarm goes into standby and either waits for you to arm, or starts a countdown timer to arm itself AFTER the door has been opened and then closed.

But now the turbo timer supplies voltage to the IGN circuit(s) so the alarm waits to monitor the dome light circuit (door ajar circuit) until after the timer shuts down. So, by monitoring the ACC circuit instead there is no conflicts between the timer (on IGN circuit) and the alarm (on ACC circuit)

So, instead of wiring in relays, diodes, and the such, just swap your alarm's IGN sensing wire to the ACC wire and you'll be good to go.

The IGN wire awd92gsx speaks of is an input wire from the alarm. It is usually always said to connect it to ignition wire, which will make everything that he says make sense. My alarm actually already had mine connected to ACC, but because of the initial wrong diagram from install sites, it ruined everything also. But after correcting the mistakes and following directions above, everything works well together.
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