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Tsudo N1 Catback... Two Resonators???

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Cool Mr Steve

15+ Year Contributor
Jul 18, 2004
Spanaway, Washington
Ok, I got my Tsudo N1 Catback in (actually about five days ago...) and it doesn't look quite like the picture. In the picture it has one resonator, which looks like one of those standard kind of oval shaped resonators. When I just looked at mine it has one of those, and then a "resonator" that looks like a muffler canister. I'll get pictures up pretty soon, but I was just curious if that sounds right...
Have you ever payed attention to the little thing at the bottom of most pics? It usually says Pic may not be exact to your application.

I don't know if it should or shouldn't but i would love to hear what it sounds like. make sure you get a sound clip of it.
I'll definitely get a sound clip up asap, but it will probably be awhile because I'm still at odds with the insurance company, trying to get them not to total my car after my altercation with a drunk driver... Grrrrr... Anyway, I've seen the notes that it may not look the same, but I saw another picture of someones Tsudo N1 system (I believe it was on a N/T though...) I only saw the one resonator. I'm not complaining, I think its a good thing, especially if I decide to run w/o a cat. I just wanted to hear from someone with a Tsudo system to see if mine is the same...
Ok, hopefully this picture will help...


  • Tsudo n1.jpeg
    Tsudo n1.jpeg
    25.8 KB · Views: 392
need! clip! noww!!! this and the thermal exhaust that im dying to hear a clip of on a turbo 2g
Sorry, buddy... I'm not sure if you saw my post but I don't have a car to put it on right now... If you want to hear a Tsudo N1 catback on a GST, try here. I'll get my sound clip up when I get the car back (assuming I get the car back :toobad: )
About $300 shipped... 3" system, and I've heard nothing but good about them. It looks to be a great quality system, and I can't wait to install it.
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