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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Proven Member
Jun 15, 2014
Detroit, Michigan
I have read all that I can take on for torque steer always had rwd cars so this new. Hooking up in front. So I need PARTS suspension parts, prices, inside info, before after notes and differences of what your running

Control arms
Equal half shafts

All that where you bought it install time. I ask because I can easily buy some crap and not work etc

Background so what you'll know I have 92 talon tsi my DD pushing around 300hp 16g and quite a few mods. Stock suspension mostly just slotted and drives rotors, and have new axles sitting in backseat. Just wandering if they are worth or upgrade time when I do that install other things shocks etc. Just want proper suspension for DD street strip sleeper with minimal or no torque steer I know there will always be chance for some. Lastly buying awd car kind of out of question. Don't mind saving for a LSD with my fwd Thank you for any post
You will never get rid of it completely, but a equal length axle setup and a limited slip differential will help drastically.
Thanks I understand just Want it manageable and kind of steAdy. Where to find equal length axle?
You also need the intermediate shaft. If you order an axle you only get the axle and not the shaft.
You also need the intermediate shaft. If you order an axle you only get the axle and not the shaft.
Thanks again I plan to do this first since I have stock axles in my back seat. I seen a thread with full walkthrough of install. But ill make sure not to forget that.
Isn't there an additional section needed on the chassis to accept the half shaft support bracket and bearing to convert a FWD solid shaft setup to an AWD half shaft setup for the front end?
Nope, the carrier bracket just bolts to the back of the block.
Thus, any FWD owner could convert his vehicle to equal shafts with three items: half shaft, short drive shaft and carrier bracket with bearing and required hardware to make the conversion... interesting.

thx- DSM
This thread caught my attention, I was looking at front axles today for my car at work and 1g awd as well. According to the database and online it's the same part, but if the awd has a half shaft than that's something that needs to be corrected.
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Be tough since the 420A setup is put in opposite direction than of the 4G63 making a totally different chassis was made per each motor.
i mean i put coilovers and 18" rims try to put it down but with the power im making it just so hard to keep control
18 inch rims means using less rubber, especially less flexible sidewall rubber (might as well use semi-pneumatic rubber tires) and a much harder rubber compound that's prone not to grip the road as good as with my stock 16 inchers that has more flex in the sidewall due to the softer compound to give me more grip and control.

Big rims and little rubber mounted on them are good for looks and that's just about it.

If you got that much power, best rid of those 18inchers and go down to a smaller diameter wheel so you can have more rubber on the road and have the control needed.

You don't see any race car drivers running with tires and wheels to look at, but tires that have very soft sidewalls and tire surface so the tires can "stick" on the road and keep the vehicle under control.

It's a trade off of sorts - looks or function. You're call on this.

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