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  • Hello I have 1990 awd talon so I am writing from Turkey I can not my parts from Turkey so i found 1991 cruise control cable system so i can start it on my 90 dsm?_
    You happen to need a 1990 trans or xfercase? I have a set I'm trying to get out of my yard, if you need it it's all yours! Trans needs rebuilt so good for a core, tcase seems to work fine.
    Didn't mean to spam I know these parts are hard to find and expensive. You're fairly close to me and have helped me out on the forums a ton so I thought I'd give you first dibs.
    No problem, always glad to help a fellow car lover and Idahoan ! And thx for the consideration always! If that tranny came out of a AWD unit, it'd be the W5M33 where I'm FWD using the F5M33 tranny. Go ahead and let them go so you can get some cash in your pocket. But, If I make it over to "The Falls" again, and nothing has happened, I might take the core tranny. Thx as always - DSM
    Yeah man if you're in the falls come say hi!
    It is the AWD tranny. Lmk if you need any other parts.
    Hi i just swap my 98 eclipse turbo to manual tranny but the tranny that put on is not turbo just nt they different ratio right and u think that can cause any damage on my car or gonna b ok
    whats up bro been having my 97 gst for awhile but haven't done crap to it. Im currently station at MT home too so don't know anyone that actually knows anything about dsm out here so just tryna add ppl in idaho to see if i can learn some stuff from anyone
    Alright man LOL.. Just so you know its july 17th and were meeting up at about 9ish A.M.. Were meeting at walmart off eagle road then taking pics whatever for a hour or two and getting food munchies and drinks then were going to go cruise.. Looks like so far were going to have a pretty good turnout.. This is a dsm/evo shootout too so if you know any buds with evos tell them too feel free to come.
    i added u man thanks for the help and when it stops rainiing here i will start working on it
    Thanks man. Hell ya how much did you pick the car up for. How much boost you runnin her at? Yea i bought my car like it is now but with a blown HG. i tore her down and replaced bearings and rings ect. I am the same way ive got almost 12000 on the rebuild but just recently started hammering her cause i wanted things to set well. Lol now i run her pretty hard and i don't completely trust the tune, but hey nothing has come threw the block yet haha and my plugs and whatnot look good, im always looking down the holes to check on the pistons LOL. OCD is the word with these cars haha i have subs and a really good system, but its never on LOL always listenting to the turbo and car in general. Names scott man, so you know any other dsm'rs hear in the valley?
    whats up man. Nice to see there is other dsm'rs hear in nampa or Idaho period really, i don't see many rolling around and the ones that are alomost always are N/t. Maby well find enough people hear to get a little cruise together. You know anyone with a logger LOL? i don't have one and have been running 22psi for a while but my WB display short circuited so i don't have anyway to keep an eye on things except with my egt. Id like to log it and make sure im not knocking if you know anyone with a logger setup id pay them to go do some tuning with me.
    there's really no way to tell for sure without the CEL code, i think our local parts store will check it for free. i will have to get to that asap, i don't really care to run the car right now though-- i have found an oil leak by the plug wires, some idiot must have tightened the screw too tight and cracked the cover, so i'm having to replace that atm as well.
    ok, so we replaced the isc. CEL is still on and the motor is still throwing fits, and will not idle when it is cold. So i'm guessing our last resort is to replace the ecu?
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