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Jul 25, 2016
Nov 10, 2009
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Proven Member, from California

Trolling like a boss. Jul 23, 2015

goodbuds was last seen:
Jul 25, 2016
    1. goodbuds
      Trolling like a boss.
    2. rjdino30
      thanks for hooking up that exhaust man..you're the best :)
    3. KelTsi90
      Hey, NPR Pistons have never gave me a problem, 28psi daily driving...
    4. agarc023
      Yeah well the last time I took it to ABC smog out in vista and the guy didn't really care about the only "illegal" mod I had (adjustable bov). But yeah some info for the future would be great
    5. agarc023
      Hey man since you're pretty much in my area I thought I would ask you about this. How do you go about passing smog with all those mods? I'm still pretty stock and just passed inspection a couple of months ago, but I have a couple of parts sitting in the garage waiting to be installed so I'm kinda worried for the future haha.
    6. illusivEnt
      that sucks but I do see goodies that I want that you have so as soon as I start my job the 21st I will start sending you cash lol let me know everything you are getting rid of and I will tell you what I want I would like to have 350hp+ I'm probably going to get another car and make this my race car I might be right up there with you at 500+ but only when I can afford of course which means getting another car so baby steps first 350 I am putting stock rims on and selling 18s putting my o2 and exhaust on tomorrow have my greddy catch can almost done and trying to find the oil leak I have in my intake compression is good changed pcv valve but looked good so running out of options never over heated so I dont see how it could be a head gasket so that leaves o rings maybe or seals hmm and its of course smoking white blue looks more blue but whatever there wasn't oil in the turbo when I took the intake off so i dont think its the turbo
    7. tsidrift1
    8. KelTsi90
      Hey your Inbox is full. About the piston rings, I used the npr(chrome) on my daily car. Has Held 30psi of boost for about 2 year.
    9. So Cal 420a DSM
      So Cal 420a DSM
      what happened to the 3g eclipse?
    10. So Cal 420a DSM
      So Cal 420a DSM
      Hey... my girls gst has ah clutch fluid leak some where.. do u know what it could be??
    11. So Cal 420a DSM
      So Cal 420a DSM
      well we should get ah group of people and go to ah spot in run some time if ## in to that
    12. So Cal 420a DSM
      So Cal 420a DSM
      we should start meets down here
    13. So Cal 420a DSM
      So Cal 420a DSM
      how come your not goin
    14. gearhead37683
      pics of the flywheel sent, and it is for a gst
    15. snowborder714
      I'm a DIY person, so I say go for it yourself. However, if you're not familiar with doing a timing belt job, you will either need to become familiar with this or have someone else do the cam gear install. Although, if you're running stock cams, then you'll pretty much be installing them for looks.

      The intake manifold, motor mounts, sway bars, radiator, and fans should be pretty simple to do yourself. The motor mounts will probably give you the biggest problem.

      But if you don't have the time, tools, knowledge, desire, etc., then have someone else do it. I'm just not a big fan of other people touching my car, especially if they don't know the platform. I've done everything to my car.
    16. gearhead37683
      yeah man the flywheel is for a 6-bolt 4g63 send me an email and i can send pics, thanks
    17. snowborder714
      All of my drivetrain modifications have been awesome. The clutch setup is awesome and feels like it'll hold a lot (haven't tracked it yet), the short shifter is great along with the Symborski kit and underhood brass bushings, and the solid motor mounts have made wheel hop go away and the motor doesn't move at all. I'd say all of these have made the most difference.

      And pretty much all of the suspension modifications have been a great help as well.

      When I bought the car, a lot of it was in sad shape, so most of the upgrading was necessary. But it seems the suspension and drivetrain have made the most noticeable difference, along with getting the tune on.

      All in all, this pretty much follows the way to upgrade - get all your supporting mods done before you go for the big stuff (engine, turbo, manifolds, etc.).

      Sorry, I had to split it up in 2 posts because of too many characters.
    18. snowborder714
      Thanks for the compliment.

      Best bang for my buck - well, my car came with the turbo, so I can't say that was it, but it's a nice upgrade.

      Noticeable differences came from ECMlink coupled with a wideband (Innovate LC-1) and a MAP sensor (AEM 5 bar). Putting a tune on the car really woke it up.

      The Dakota digital fan controller coupled with the Flex-a-lite fans has been another great mod as well, allowing me to keep my temps around 180-190 all the time. I haven't ran this car on a road course yet, so I can't vouch for the setup there.
    19. gixxerdrew
      It was a custom front bumper, thank you! Its not for sale to the public unfortunately. I wanted it to be but I dont have time to find a market and manage a whole development project to make/sell them.
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