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susp ?-koni reds vs yellows

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Jun 1, 2005
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
ok well i want to re-do my suspension and put new struts on all four corners along with 1.5" lowering springs. well i ebayed koni and i got some odd results. there are koni's on there, but here's the thing...there are only a pair of reds for the rear and only a pair of yellows for the front (its from a company.) they dont sell red fronts or yellow rears. if i bought this set up, would it be bad for my car? i know reds are four-way adjustable and yellows are two-way adjustable, so as long as they're set about the same should it be a problem?

another thing, all four were lsited as "shocks". the 1gb eclipse does have struts right? im thinking i should email the seller and make sure they mean struts unless the eclispe has shocks on all four corners. what is the set up?

I can't really help with wether or not this setup will be bad for your car. You will most definately be on your own as far as tuning this setup. you inquire KONI about specs for these struts (and they do have a nice tech service dpt as well as an online technical manual), make sure you check that the lengths are propotional to the same tuning application. The reds may be made to work with diffrent spring rate and possibly ride height but as far as I know KONIs aren't effected by where they sit in the stroke of the chamber. Also they are stut assemblys not shocks. :dsm:
Strut/shock...although they are kinda different the two words are pretty much interchangable...

As for tthe Koni's, they do make yellows and reds for all 4 corners. I have Red's all the way around and they are fine, no adjustability on the car but meh do you really need to change your shock settings all the time?
yea i know they make them for all four corners on both colors but thats all this vendor is offering them for and its a bit cheaper which is why i was inquiring.
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