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Shootout 2024 scramble

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

The fastest pull and replace I ever did was on a lift with a hoist. Raise and lower the car as needed to remove everything in the way until L & R motor mounts are left, then just off ground, hang the engine on the hoist, unbolt the motor mounts, and lower the engine to the floor.

Raise the car away from the motor, mark the spot on the floor, slide or lift the trans/engine combo out of the way, and then execute the reverse using the marks on the floor to position the setup so nothing gets crushed when you bring the car back down over it.

After this, every other method seems awful

Man, with a lift that would absolutely be the way to go. Would be so much easier LOL. Maybe in the future when I get into a bigger garage that is definitely something I will look into.
Alright, got some time and nice weather in the garage so got the xfer case tacked up, the rear diff tacked up and also the wire harness is finally finished and routed. Actually still trying to decide what to do with the wiper connection but will probably route it into the cowl and leave it there. Here are some update pics!



I have a gap between the rear diff side brace and subframe so I am going to have to drop the diff again and press the bushings out a small amount. More to come soon.
Big update, the entire drivetrain is finished besides the axles. Still waiting on dss for those. But happy with how everything turned out and honestly was not too bad to install. The JXB carrier bearing housing was pretty straight forward and their install video is very helpful. Enjoy.




Looks damn good what driveshaft is that im looking at getting a aluminum one down the road.

It is the dss aluminum driveshaft. I got lucky and snagged a gently used one instead of having to wait the month+ wait from dss on having one made. It is freaking massive too LOL.
Small update as I am still messing with wiring to get it perfect, but mocked up the hot parts kit to start getting everything dialed in. Took some tweaks and going to take lots of custom oil/water lines, but it’s kinda pretty hahaha.




*For those eagle eyed members, the dump tube was not mocked up correct and actually goes in FRONT of the downpipe. Has since been moved and all the push to connect air fittings installed on the wastgate. It’s super close but did work.
Small update, and sorry to those that see the FB updates as well. I know it’s probably a pain to see both but I am doing this build to document it better and hopefully help people that come across it on a google search or something.

Finished the DEI heat barrier tape finally. HUGE pain in the butt working around all the curves and corners, took about 4hrs total and three razors to keep everything crisp.


Sneak peak at the next update coming soon…

Battery finished and passenger side bus bar/wire bundles finished. Fuse box bracket will be made when the dash is in.





Still finishing up the drivers side. Gauges are wired in and where they need to be. Solid state relay is done and Prius electric steering is done but still need to clean up the routing and wires.

But we have power!!


Looking good I was thinking about doing the same on the new hood once it gets here
I will warn you.. its a hell of a project even though it does not look like it. OEM hood probably would not be bad. But the more curves and open areas there are the harder it is to get it to lay right. Use SUPER sharp razors as well!
Oh I believe it just trying to get this car in top running shape again has been a project in its own 😂
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