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ohio dsm's(shootout)

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Jan 2, 2007
Sunbury, Ohio
was wondering how many ohio boys would begoing to the shootout this year. i know we all discussed before having a meet and doing a cruise. well i will be going up saturday morning te 16th and staying in a hotel that night into sunday.
was wondering if any one would be interested in grabbing a bite to eat parking our cars together and cruising, ect.
just let me know if your in and if any one has anyother sugestios.


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I will be going although not sure what days and for how long..haha..PAT there is a car show in delaware this saturday ALL day coming to that?


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I'll be coming up, i got my newused 95 talon tsi, and would like to meet some other dsm'rs


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the car show will be on Sandusky st. I work with the guy who is one of the head people who does it and he mentioned it to me. He said its between the old court house and the Mcdonalds right there off of 36/37. Im not quite sure where the old court house is but I know where the mcdonalds is. LOL. He did also say there are suppose to be like 1000 cars in the show and will be going on ALL day this saturday. Im going to a golf tournament at ohio state but I will be there saturday night for a little bit anyway.
if you wanna meet up with us on Friday let me know...

should be rolling 2 1gs 3 2gs and one loud ass gvr4

if anyone eles is wanting to meet up also let me know where leaving from Southeast Ohio and going up



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IF it is in August you are talking about I cannot attend unfortunately due to Army training. :(
im going up saturday. massillon ohio is where im from 3 or for of my budds with there dsms are coming with me
anyone else in dayton going to the shootout??


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