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oil pressure fluke?

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Probationary Member
Jul 10, 2005
Ludington, Michigan
Okay i have read a few things after searching to find out its normal for a dsm to have low oil pressure durning idle..

Driving at speeds of 70 mph, i get the most oil pressure.. the gauge usually rides right in the center of the gauge, just above the L. I didnt think that was right at first. Then today when i was driving down the E-way, i glanced back in my mirror to look at a car, then back at my gauges and noticed i had no oil pressure what so ever.. so i pulled over since there was an exit near by and checked the oil. Car was full, while the car was running i pulled off the oil fill cap and noticed the cams were still getting oil and when i revved it up a little oil would spray up towards me. So i figured it wasnt a problem.. Also the oil dummy light hasnt come on.

So my question is.. Is it worst case scenario that the oil pump is taking a shit, or is the oil pressure sending unit just crap.

Tomorrow im going to replace the unit and see what happens since its only a 6.00 part.
Seems to be pretty common on 1g's. I lost mine going down a gravel road once and it just came clean unhooked. I have an aftermarket oil pressure gauge and my car only reads about 10psi when warmed up. Going down the highway...50-55 give or take a few psi. Make sure you check for codes and clear them because it probobly set a code off too and you don't want that popping up later on.
Okay.. this may seem like a stupid question.. but where is the sending unit at? My pos haynes manual has no info on it.
I own a 99 eclipse gsx. The other day I was out for a drive and heard a loud clicking noise. It sounded like something being chewed up. I looked at my oil pressure gauge and it was reading very low. The car still drove fine, no oil leaks, no smoke, nothing. It is in my garage right now and still runs perfectly, but the oil pressure gauge is still reading low so I am not driving it. Does anyone know what this could be? Thanks :dsm:
Low oil pressure is some form of restriction in the oil lines. Might want to do an oil change and pay close attention to your oil as it drains out. Hold a flashlight up to it and see if there are any metal shavings coming out with your oil. If so you'll need to drop your oil pan. Or you could just drop the pan :)
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