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Oil leak question


Proven Member
Aug 31, 2009
Battle Ground, Washington
I have oil ontop of my motor and ontop of my plastic spark plug cover and also on my valve cover and timing cover and also on the black bracket near the exhaust manifold.. And some got on my brand new timing belt I'm freaking bummed about.. Now I plan on doing another timing belt swap. :/ where is this leaking from? Only thing I can think of is the oil cap and dipstick.. Could the oil cap gasket cause this? I havent tries replacin it, And I crimped the dipstick tube a little. Any idea of where this leak is coming from?? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks a lot.


Proven Member
Sep 6, 2008
Belleville, Illinois
That would have been my first guess (oil cap), but since you've replaced it already I would wipe everything clean and turn the engine on and start watching where it is leaking from.


Proven Member
Mar 24, 2013
Oxford, Connecticut
Agreed. If there's that much oil everywhere, it shouldn't be too hard to spot.

You can also pick up some UV dye and a UV light if you're having a lot of trouble locating the source. I did that recently and it's amazing.


Proven Member
Sep 29, 2011
Lincoln, Nebraska
Look for a cracked valve cover, even a hard to see hairline crack can spread after warmed up/boosted.

If your really concerned you can always add UV dye to your oil and use a UV light (use yellow glasses ) to find a leak.


Proven Member
Oct 12, 2011
Wayne, New_Jersey
The oil cap would definately cause the oil ontop of the valve cover. i just bought mine from the dealer, I think the gasket was like 12 and a new cap with the gasket was like 30 but don't hold me to that. As far as oil ontop of the exhaust manifold if it's only at the top/edges it could be the valve cover gasket leaking and running down to the manifold. Happened to my car too LOL


Proven Member
Oct 20, 2013
Mountain View, California
that is definately your Spark plug Seal gaskets. All you need is to replace them. takes 15 min. for the whole valve cover gasket kit.


Probationary Member
Dec 29, 2013
Burien, Washington
i currently have an oil leak with a check engine light code p0171, i had it pressure tested and its coming from the valve cover/cam plug, it started with semi thick white whispy smoke coming out of the exhaust, i thought it was just because it was cold but the smoke will come and go as im driving, i kinda fixed the problem when the shop told be my radiator was leaking as well so i replaced that already, but smoke still comes out on warm up and randomly for a minute or two while im driving then it goes away. i noticed theres a dropa of oil hanging from the bottom of the cam position sensor, also theres oil leaked behind the back of the head on both drivers side and passenger side. ive heard its an easy process to fix but im unsure how to do it exactly. can anybody give step by step instructions on how to do this? it would be MUCH appreciated. ive apparently been driving on it for a few months with out knowing until recently


Proven Member
Feb 15, 2012
Memphis, Tennessee
I had a similar leak problem .. replaced the cap twice and couldn't figure it out .. Then I realized that it was because I had a painted valve cover and the oil cap had dried paint around the base and it wouldn't really seat properly .. I scrapped the paint off and haven't had a leak since .. something to consider


Probationary Member
Dec 29, 2013
Burien, Washington
thanks, ill check it out, i have a blue valve cover so that would be an easy fix

so there were no signs of dried paint on the cap and it seemed to fit right, any other suggestions?
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