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My first 4g63- '99 Soranno Red GSX Build+ Photoshoots


Proven Member
Jul 7, 2010
Troy, Missouri
Decided to make a journal to follow almost everything done to my car since I have bought it. I plan to push the 7-bolt to 400+hp on an Evo316/e-85 setup for fun street car, and of course make some passes :)

If anybody has any comments as far as anything I can do to improve the quality of the thread, I am open to criticism, good and bad. Thanks ahead of time.

Provided below is the link to the thread where all of the information as far as tuning to my car is loacted. It has been a long and continuous road learning tuning and all the aspects to it. So I have decided to try and consolidate all of my tuning endeavors into a general location :





25JAN2012 Welded Differential Transmission Failure

02FEB2012 EGR/Emissions Delete ~ Cruise Control Delete ~ Semi Wire Tuck

27MAR2012 XTD Stage 4 6-Puck Sprung Clutch

04APR2012 Fuelab Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

17MAY2012 FIC 1150cc Injectors

21MAY2012 Denso 300 Fuel Pump

24MAY2012 Exhaust Leaks ~ Garage Cleanup

25MAY2012 DSM Broken Door Handle..Again

29MAY2012 Semi-Photoshoot

16JUN2013 Transmission Problems Part 3

24JUN2012 New Airbag Cover ~ Interior Photos

25JUN2012 Buffed & Waxed

20AUG2012 Photos With Friends & Shelly In A Creek

20SEPT2012 Plasti-Dip Wheels

20DEC2012 Transmission Removal Part 4: Unknown Vibrations

1JAN2013 Immaculate Chrysler Conquest TSI

25JUN2013 DKS Cams ~ HKS Timing Belt Replacement ~ 3g Revised Lifters ~ Purchase of Tein SS Coilovers ~ Misc. Maintenance

15JUL2013 Tein SS Coilovers Install ~ Rear Differential Bushings ~ Rear Subrframe Bushings

I bought my '99 GSX around September of 2010, I had previously owned a 420a Talon. Actually, my Talon is what lead me to my GSX now. I was driving my Talon, and all of a sudden it just died, and I mean out of nowhere. Well the shop that I had to take the Talon to first had an 8 foot high fenced in lot in front of the shop. Being that I am a curious person, I went looking around the lot. I happened to stroll across a DSM. I thought it was very odd that I had found one here. It had 4 foot high weeds towering the sides of the car, all tires were flat, bent wheels, extremely dirty, had random parts that were supposed to belong under the bay in the floor boards.:ohdamn: I mean at first glance the car looked a mess. But under all the dirt, the body seemed EXTREMELY straight. I talked to the guy about the car, and apparently the car belonged to a lady who got it from his some after a rod fail on him. The car had sitting for over 5 years, so you can only imagine!

The lady had to track down the title for it, which took way longer that I wanted. At first she wanted to sell it for $800, but she had owed the guy who owned the shop some money. This is why the car had sat at HIS shop so for long. She ended up dropping the price to pay of the owner of the shop, to $600. So I hopped on it and purchased my first 4g63 car, bone stock, with 94k miles on it.:sneaky:

This was my Talon that I owned previously. Bought the car when I was fifteen, did some work to it and daily drove it for quite a while.


Now, when I tell you that there were 4ft weeds surrounding the car, I mean it. Here are pictures from when I first found the car.









At this point in my "DSM" career, I didn't have much experience having to work on 4g63's. So I decided to to trailer the car to a guy located in Kansas City, MO so he could get a new motor put into it and iron out what problems that it may have. BEFORE everyone freaks out, this was the only trailer that I had access to, so it was as simple as disconnecting the driveshaft and carrying on. As you can see from the pictures, the car cleaned up surprisingly well. I wasn't expecting it at all.




The guy I took it to got a hold of another motor for me. Here's a picture of the old bearings in it.



20OCT2010 Wheels & Tires

As much as I like the wheels that come on the GSX, one of them had a pretty decent dent in it and they didn't quite have the nicest finish to them. Also, the tires were the same tires that had been sitting on the car for years, dry-rottted. They held air for the 4 hour trip to Kansas City and as far as I'm concerned, that's all the more I wanted to trust them. To be honest I probably shouldn't have trailered Shelly on them but hey, got to do what you got to do. I knew that if I were to want some aftermarket wheels, it was going to cost me some decent dollhairs. Did some research on what stock wheels had the same bolt pattern. I ended up strolling across some Mazda RX-8 wheels. At the time, I couldn't quite picture whether they would look decent on the car or not. So, I went with it and bought them, got them for $200. Got my hands on some Acheles 225-40-18 all season tires. For the price of the tires, they weren't bad quality at all. I would definitely buy them again.




27OCT2010 Typical DSM Door Handle

While the car was being worked on in KC, I took it upon myself to buy a pair of door handles. Was able to get a can of the factory color, Soranna Red, paint ini a spray can. Did some prepping work to the raw black door handles. i guess you can say it came out pretty decent. Pretty good for an aerosol can.



29OCT2010 Engine Swap Complete!

After Shelly was done with getting a motor swapped in her and getting all the kinks figured out with it, my father and I made the journey to go pick her up. When we got there we were noticing that the car was smoking a little bit.
The stocker t-25 had some shaft play in it, so that was the source of my smoke.

I drove it home that day, lightly smoking and all. I dang near it made it home with about 15 minutes to go, when going around a corner on this back windy road, the car started cutting out. From then on it was stumbling and bucking the rest of the way home. I thought it was a bad o2 sensor causing the ecu to get confused and calculate wrong air/fuel ratios. I got home that day and did some research. Got the o2 sensor replaced within a day or so and that still did not fix the problem.

We pulled the fuel rail, checked it, the injectors and all. Everything looked to check out just fine. Come to find out, the car has a sticky fuel level gauge, so what seemed to be at least 1/4 tank, was close to empty. Looooong story short, put some fuel in the car and it got rid of the problem. The simple stuff, it'll get you everytime.

Pictures of the car of the night I brought it home and the next few days with it.





31OCT2010 Autometer Mechanical Boost Gauge & Totaling of a Fellow 2G DSM

Something about the stock boost gauge in a 2g just doesn’t tickle my fancy so to speak. I had to find a better boost monitor. The first modification that I put on my GSX was an Autometer 30-0-30 boost gauge. I purchased it from O’Reilly Autoparts here in town. I had no pillar pod or any other means of mounting it other than what I could find at O’Reilly and Autozone. I ended up purchasing this metal bracket and mounting it in the spot pictured below. I know it was a HORRIBLE spot, not easy to glance at, hit it getting in and out of the car, but I was able to monitor my boost which was all that mattered to me. As you can see the 5+ years in the hot sun did work on my airbag cover.:rolleyes:



The Night of the totaled GST. My friend Kyle, kstoopsdsm, brought his GST to my house, we were trying to diagnose why when at WOT with the A/C on it would just hit a brick wall like no other. We pulled out on the road, ran through first gear, grabbed second, and pulled through second. Out of nowhere BAM! Next thing you know there is glass in my eyes, misting the whole car, and we’re in a ditch. Ended up hitting a 6pt buck about 70 m.p.h. and sliding off of the road. After going back the next day to the accident site, we realized just how lucky we were to be alive. After that I took it easy in my GSX for a LONG time. I still do.



Here’s a link to the thread for more pictures!


11NOV2010 Tail Light Tint and Picture Compilation

I decided that I kinda wanted a different look as far as the rear was concerned. Ended up buying a can f VHT Nightshades and did some tinting of the tail lights and reverse lights. Some extra random pictures as well.






Shelly went wingless for a hot second!!



15NOV2011 Center Tail Section Paint

I rocked the Eclipse lettering on the center tail light for a while. I decided to take my can of Soranno Red and do some more color matching. Very happy with how it turned out.


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Proven Member
Jul 7, 2010
Troy, Missouri
01DEC2010 Idle Surge

Out driving one day, and the car started stumbling, sputtering and carrying on, next thing you know I’ve got some idle surge going on. Awesome right? Thought it might have been a dirty ICS so I pulled it cleaned it, still surged. I BLT revealed I had leaky TB shaft seals and a hairline crack in stock UICP. Was able to take some JB Weld and repair the crack in the UICP, but I had to set the throttle body on the back burner for now.





6DEC2010 H.I.D.'s

Purchased the Zentec kit off of Ebay. Pictured are 6k low beams and 3k fog lights. Installation was fairly easy. Had to purchase and external relay for the fog lights. The stock harness didn't like them too much.




12DEC2010 Snow Crawling

Took the GSX out for the first time in the snow, it was something that I just had to do. And let me tell you, it is one of the most fun things to do, especially with some space. My friend Zakk has a Mach 1 Mustang. He decided he wanted to come out and play around in the snow. Just when he started feeling comfortable, he spun out in the middle of the road and his wheel smacked the curb head on. Pictured below is the wheel broken off at the hub.





15DEC2010 Injen Intake

Second modification was an Injen intake. I think I paid $40 for it? Till this day, I do not know why this intake was cut in half, and it still is until I decide to get a different one. Purchased a Spectre filter to put on it, again from your local neighborhood O’Reilly, and installed the intake. Had never heard a more beautiful sound than my turbo spooling. The performance difference after seemed night and day.



29DEC2010 "Greddy" RS

After doing some research, found out that I was not reaching all entire amount of boost that I should have been getting. I was only registering about 8psi. So I borrowed by buddies BLT and got to testing! My BLT revealed that my stocker 2g bov was cracked and was leaking…bad. So the hunt for a bov began. I ended up buying a knockoff Greddy RS from my buddy Kyle (kstoopsdsm) and getting it swapped out. Switched them out, rtv’d my TB elbow to TB gasket, and put it all back together. Took it out and she hit the full 12-13 psi.



30DEC2010 Boosting Issues

Had been driving the car flawlessly for a few months, and out of nowhere it started a boosting problem. I was only building 7psi on my t-25 and couldn’t go over 3700rpms. First things first, I busted out the BLT. I was at a loss. No boost leaks, intake was fine, no vacuum leaks. I was stumped. I checked my intercooler for buildup, it checked out. I performed a compression test, checked out. I had never been so stumped. Thinking it might have been the turbo, I picked up and Evo316G. Hell I wanted to upgrade from the stock t-25 anyway. Pulled the t-25 and thought that this crack that I found was going to be the problem. I install it, and was only able to build 2psi with it. I read, and read, and read, only to still be lost. My car was down for about 2 weeks because I couldn’t figure this out. Thought to myself, I wonder if the exhaust isn’t spooling the turbo? Unbolted the down pipe, took it around the block and got full boost! Long story short, my car was down for a couple weeks because of clogged cat. Got some pipe clamps and stretched some exhaust pipe and fixed the problem. (test pipe can somewhat be seen in a later post)






03JAN2011 Purchased FMIC

I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase a FMIC. The 2G front end is just to open to NOT have one :sneaky: . Ended up buying the FMIC shown below from a good friend of mine Lewis, (96awd). It is a Garrett core with custom end tanks and short route setup. Very pleased with the purchase!



05JAN2011 New Throttle Body○ Greddy Type-S○ PCV Valve

A whole bunch of goodies showed up today! I can't for the life of me remember the name of the guy on DSMTuners who I got this refurbished throttle body from. Nonetheless, it looks amazing! Bead blasted, new seals, biss, etc. Installed with the new PCV Valve.



Also, my Greddy Type-S showed up as well. I am really wanting a Tial BOV, but I am going to wait untill I am running speed density so I can VTA.



17JAN2011Out for a drive with the Evo316g





13FEB2011 Window Tint

Got my windows tinted for my birthday. 35% in the front 5% in the back. So I took her home, changed her oil, then gave her a bath. Well, at least the best i could do in 30 degree weather.






19FEB2011 Wheel Well Lip Rust

Got tired of seeing this rust in the lip of my wheel well. Ended up coating it on both sides. Even did a complete write up on the steps. Here’s a link on the write up:






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Proven Member
Jul 7, 2010
Troy, Missouri
02APR2011 HKS Exhaust & FP Manifold
Got tired of having the stock, no tone, vibrating stock exhaust. Bought myself a 3in down pipe and searched for a cat back. I then purchased my HKS 3in cat-back from my friend Jimmer (Jimmer307) along with a FP Race manifold. I had finally pieced together my HKS 3in turbo back.

Stock GSX Exhaust






07APR2011 DSMlink v3 Full

Got a hell of a deal on a '95 ECU with DSMlink v3 Full and a TurboXs Manual boost controller.


13APR2011 FMIC Install

As shown earlier in the thread, I bought myself a FMIC. I figure it was about time to install it. I was hoping for a seamless install, but the brackets and all came off of a 2ga dsm. So needless to say things were off by just a bit.




Decided to get in touch with my friend who works at a body shop and does a lot of fab work. He was able to fab me up some brackets and do some bumper support cutting for me. Took a while to get it perfect, but after a while I would say we nailed it.



24APR2011 Photos After FMIC with Some Friends











09MAY2011 Paint Injen Intake & Short Route Piping

I'm not much of a flashy shiny guy, so as 'cool' as the shiny intake and intercooler piping looked, I decided to paint them flat black. I think it makes it look alot better.







25JUNE2011 Shelly Rolls 100k Miles :cry:

On this horrible day, Shelly grew up just a little bit. She jumped over the 100k mile marker. Sad day.





28JUNE2011 AEM Uego & 3 Pod A-Pillar

Ordered an A-pillar for the GSX and was lucky enough to find one that was color-matched to the grey of the OEM pillar. Finally got around to getting it installed. Also while doing so, I decided to wire in my AEM Uego as well. Wired it to the ECU for data logging.


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Proven Member
Dec 5, 2009
Bourbon, Missouri
Thank you sir. You wouldn't know cause you hardly come out.

Touche, Keenan.. Touche. You also live extremely far from my new spot. I'll make it out soon enough, guy. I miss wrenching on a 2g, could get your car back together in a day ;) LOL


Proven Member
Jan 24, 2008
York, Pennsylvania
looks awsome man, glad to see another dsm not to far from me, you should check out my build thread on here on mine. I would definatly like to check you car out some time and if you get a chance you should look up its the local missouri car enthueist website its pretty legit.


Proven Member
Dec 5, 2009
Bourbon, Missouri
This is true. Could come down for a weekend. Get a hg and all my other e-85
Stuff on. :)

We'll get it done hopefully sometime soon. Going to Ohio this weekend for a shell. LOL

nice build, but did you know these cars run on premium from the factory? it says on the gas lid LOL

I'm sure he wasn't that mentally challenged then..

Archer Fabrications

Proven Member
May 9, 2011
Scottsdale, Arizona
Remember the gas problem I had above? Come to find out, I have a sticky gas gauge. Once it gets down to ¼ tank, it hangs there and doesn't go any lower. It took me DAYS to figure this out.

after installing my walbro i have this same issue. what did you end up doing to get it to fall back down below 1/4? pick up the pump and flop it around til it fell? or what? and what did you use to clean your ISC? MAF cleaner?
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Proven Member
Jul 7, 2010
Troy, Missouri
I never did fix it. It doesn't go back down. I would imagine that there is buildup on the float in the tank, so cleaning it off would more than likely do the trick in my situation. As far as the isc, I used brake cleaner on it to clean the buildup off, being cautious of spraying it of course. Sprayed it in a blue rag and cleaned it up.


Proven Member
Jul 7, 2010
Troy, Missouri
I now know that it likes to stick there, so I keep an eye on it. But most the time I don't even let it drop past a half of a tank :)

Archer Fabrications

Proven Member
May 9, 2011
Scottsdale, Arizona
I now know that it likes to stick there, so I keep an eye on it. But most the time I don't even let it drop past a half of a tank :)

thats pretty much where im at aswell. but next time i have free time and an empty tank im gonna pull out my pump assembily and make sure it drops. i think it might just be caught on something on the dealio itself... i will PM you on what i find if you wish when i do it. im sure were not the only ones to experience this. very clean GSX good to see you rescued her! im close to scrapping my GSX shell and picking up a white talon if i can find one LOL (someone bumped into my front bumper and its no longer perfect and things dont quite align up as far as hood and fender:()and drop my built motor into that. :rolleyes: decisions decisions...

what kind of paint did you do your intake and IC piping. looks really good


Proven Member
Nov 5, 2007
RIpley, West_Virginia
I amwilling to bet your fuel gauge problemsare from not having the hanger lined up perfect. There's markson tank and hanger cap, they're just usually covered bydirt but if notlinedup you'll get the gauge doing just that
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