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ECMlink low rpm idle surge after installing fic 1120 injectors


5+ Year Contributor
Dec 16, 2007
vancouver, Washington
1). Any boost, vac, or exhaust leaks?
2). Verified mechanical timing?

3). Verified base timing?

4). Ignition system

5). Motor health (Compression Test)
Cylinder 1: dont remember exact numbers but was tested and each cylinder was 165+ within 10 psi of each other
Cylinder 2:
Cylinder 3:
Cylinder 4:

6). Performed basic throttle body adjustments?
Idle Switch: Yes
Throttle Cable: Yes
TPS: Yes
BISS: wont stay steady

7). Compression ratio

8). Any known bad sensors or brittle wiring?

9). Any DTC/CEL codes?

10). Electrical system
Car off (not running): 12.4 volts
Car running: 13.9 volts

11). Base fuel pressure and injector values
Base Fuel Pressure: 42.5
Injector Size (cc/min): fic 1120

12). Properly calibrated and configured wideband sensor
Sensor Brand: AEM UEGO

13). Type of fuel
Type: 92 Octane

14). Watched ECMlink how-to videos? yes

First off I am no expert with using DSMLINK so any help would be appreciated.

I have recently installed FIC 1120 injectors in my car. i have played with maf comp and dead time for a few days and i am fighting a idle surge once the coolant temp gets over 200 degrees. with stock injectors car had no idle issue. I have boost leaked tested many times and it holds 25 psi. i have not been able to get the isc to maintain 30 due to the idle surge, RPM target is set for 750 but idle will jump +/- 100+ RPM as the the 02 cycles. for this log i set the maf comp back to zero and dead time to ECMlink starting point to get a starting point. again i have tried many adjustments to no avail. RPM starts to jump once cooling fans kick on, i can turn the car off and start back up and it will idle perfect untill the fans start to kick on then idle goes all over. take a look and see what you guys think i could try. My mod profile is up to date.


  • log.unsteadyidle.elg
    80.3 KB · Views: 38


15+ Year Contributor
Aug 26, 2003
Mendota, Illinois
Play with idle afr. Go open loop. At idle. Those are huge injectors on gas. Lean is better.


5+ Year Contributor
Dec 16, 2007
vancouver, Washington
so i think i got it figured out. i reset the injector voltage per fic data sheet and changed my global fuel to 1000cc injectors. car is idling much better now, +/- 50 rpm which i am happy with. and combined FT is +/- 3% not sure if this was the correct way to address the problem. please take a look at the log and let me know what you think. any feed back is appreciated


  • log.rescaledinjectoridle.elg
    39.6 KB · Views: 47
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