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1G Installing a 1g fwd turbo transmission into an 1g 2.0 nt

I've documented this procedure many times throughout this forum so to clear it up a bit.

To install a 2.0 turbo fwd tranny from a 1g into a 2.0 nt from a 1g you will need the following parts:

1. Turbo fwd transmission
2. Modified nt mount or fwd turbo transmission mount
3. Fwd turbo transmission flywheel
4. turbo clutch (clutches are the same between all turbo models, generation and drivetrain don't matter)
5. Different axles if the turbo transmission is a 93-94 model as they had larger axles. The good news is that you can buy these axles and install them without having to change out the hubs on your 2.0 nt chassis.
6. Clutch dust shield on block. Big problem here as I just ordered up the last one in stock from the DCX warehouse for a swap I'm doing with a friend of mine. This means that this item is no longer available from your dealership as his car has the very last one in the country already installed. You'll have to either leave this item off or find one used or something.
7. On my car I actually had to install different engine mounts as the larger fwd turbo bellhousing was sitting too far back and the bellhousing was actually rubbing the front crossmember. The proper way to fix this is to replace the front and rear engine mounts with the fwd turbo pieces, but they're hard to find. I ended up using a more common awd turbo front, and used some longer high grade bolts and washer to space the rear mount. By shortening the distance from the block to the thru-bolt on the front mount with the awd mount, and adding two spare headbolt washers between the block and the rear fwd nt mount I was able to get the clearance I needed for the transmission and the crossmember to nolonger take up the same space. This has no effect on the side mounts as they are the same for the most part and still installed easily after making the adjustment. The bad part is that I had to pull the engine out of the car to get the old rear mount off of the block so this step can take a little while.

Some of these steps may also apply to those turboing their nt's since most the engines you'd be buying are probably awd engines with awd mounts. I can't comment on this 100% as the block I'm using is actually an nt block with turbo internals so it had the nt mounts on it, but I had a couple awd mounts laying around. After comparing it I don't think the rear mount from an awd would work properly as it appeared to be the same length or shorter than the rear mount for the fwd nt. It would work, but you may need to do the switch to longer bolts and head washers the same way I did with the nt mount.

I did this to my car last summer when I changed from an nt transmission to a fwd turbo transmission and did the mount swap shortly after so I don't have any pictures unfortunately.
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