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Finally, something decent

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Oct 4, 2002
Ran a personal best today, 14.028 @ 100.61.

I couldn't back up the run though. Next 3 best runs were all 14.1 @ 98-99. Nice cool weather, about 70 degrees. Finally reached the magical 100 mph mark, but now I'm upset for not dipping in the 13s. Previous best with the same mods was 14.3 @ 97.5. I'm finally getting the hang of launching FWD. 3500 rpm, slight clutch slip. Consistant 2.3 60ft.

Free mods, MBC @ 15 lbs, 2.5" turboback w/ hi-flow cat, K+N. Everything else stock. I'm satisfied for the amount mods. Here's the slip.


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Oh, this is with no tuning whatsoever. How much more do you guys think I can squeeze out of her with fuel control, logger and S-AFC?

I think I've seen people on here with same basic mods as me, but have some sort of fuel control, trap as high as 104-105 mph.
Nice times you have for car, and i was going to pm you but it wouldnt work, but you wouldnt happen to live in eau claire wisconsin would you? Just looking for some more dsmers around here.
Yep, I'm from Eau Claire. The run was made at Rock Falls Raceway. There are plenty of DSM's that run there.
Thats pretty good time slip. I ran a 14.4 @100.2MPH with similar mods @14PSI. Clutch started slipping right after though. It was my first time at the track so I didnt really know what i was doin. Congrats.
Thanks. I bet you could get 1 or 2 mph with a 2.2 or 2.3 60ft. With 2.4 60fts, I was only trapping @ 98.

Yeah, I'm really surprised that my clutch hasn't started to slip, especially how much I slip the clutch off the line. I've had 40+ runs since I first got her and still nothing has broken (knock on wood). I'm sure if I were AWD the clutch would have gone a long time ago. 15.1 @ 93 when I was stock. I'm still amazed at how well these cars respond to very little money and mods.
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