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Car died after turning on head lights...?

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


10+ Year Contributor
Jul 9, 2010
Lewiston, Maine
Ive been researching a few threads on here but Im not finding the same issue that Im having on any of them...

So please before you jump down my throat because of the TITLE of this post.. please read thru whats going on for me first... If I have missed a thread that covers this I apologize and perhaps I am searching the wrong terms in the search to be pulling it up...

I went out to the garage to leave for the store today and I got in my car and started it right up no problem.

Car sat idling for a moment while I let the engine warm up a couple minutes now that its getting fairly chilly here in maine now.

I got in it and turned on the headlights to leave and the car died instantly.

I turned off the key. And turned off the head lights and tried to start it up again...


My interior lights come on with the door open.
No click, no crank. No anything.
Its behaving the same way it did when I pulled my Ignition fuse before... I checked that fuse and it still looks completely fine. Nice shiny solid metal, no scorching or breakage is visible.

I tried turning on the head lights. And I got some noise from the fuse box. I didnt want to stick my ear too close to it so I started pulling fuses to see what would cause it to stop. My Tail Lamp fuse seems to be making the noise (slight buzzing). Fuse (15a) still looks brand new, no scorching or breakage visible.

Tail lights wont come on either when I press the brake pedal.

My wideband and boost gauges dont come on either.

No dash lights. (CE, ABS, etc)

Tried jumping the car... nothing. No sound. No clicks. No crank.
Cleaned the battery terminals and reattached them and made sure they were secure.
Tried again.
Same. Nothing. :banghead:

Im not very good with electrical stuff and how it works, Im also fairly new to the dsm world as well. Trying to do my best to sponge up as much information as I can for current and future issues and have spent hours and hours just reading thru information on this board and vfaq.

If there is anyone reading this that is fairly electrical systems savvy please feel free to offer up some advice or let me know if youve experienced or encountered this issue before.

If you need any more information that hasnt been provided dont hesitate to ask as Im not certain if Ive covered everything.

Thanks again guys
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