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Apr 26, 2020
Dec 13, 2008
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December 19
Prior Military

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GsXdSmKingGsX was last seen:
Apr 26, 2020
    1. crash89
      Ive kinda been off the pages for a while too but the car is still most definitely at it! cant argue with a ~500 awhp awd spyder! I noticed not too long ago that you started coming back out of the wood works too! Good to see you back!
    2. jjm96gst
      Hey bro im way late on reply for your message... been out of dsm game for a few years bout to be back in though early next year. My gst went up in flames
    3. 11secDSM
      No, that's is a friend of mine. I'm CGinev on youtube.
    4. Aceman
      so...you complimented my avatar like...years ago...Idk how I didn't see it for the longest time, but I decided its never to late! Thanks!
    5. Tjmooney427
      My stock trans with 90k on it held up on the dyno until the race tune at 630 hp
    6. Tjmooney427
      660's? try 1050's with e85 and more boost
    7. jdxnc
      Thanks, I intend to!
    8. endeffect0
    9. jjrock5
      lol My FB is Johny Juarez.

      I don't get on as often because of stupid work but I'm around. Peace.
    10. spyderdrifter
      No problem bro ;)
    11. spyderdrifter
      Hey, I don't think I saw your last msg when you left it. If you want me to build you the lights, you'll have to send me your lights so I can mod them. Send me a PM if you want to do this, and we'll work it all out.
    12. Devilsown
      Yea we are in the mustang/yukon area
    13. Fattyhampton11
      Hey John told me that you were really good at working with eclipse and stuff so I wanted to see if you could help me. I'm not getting any power to my fuel pump and don't know why. I checked the power for the relay and its on and it ticks and everything and comes on, but i still don't have any power to the pump. The car will crank but will not turn over because of the pump. Any ideas? I'm thinking a bad wire or mouse ate through one. Something dumb you wouldnt expect. Thoughts?
    14. Fejery4491
      Hardly even worth putting up pictures, its it so many pieces that it's gonna be a struggle to roll it on to a trailer to move it to my new house. Its basically a roller right now with no interior, nothing in the engine bay (including brake lines or anything on the firewall), and no bumpers, skirts, fenders, or windows. Haha, once I get it moved over here I'll start prepping for paint though and hopefully start getting it back together.
    15. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      whats up my #####. Hey my buddy bought a GST Spyder. He was going to go to the junkyard to get an oem radiator for 60 dollars. Should he just get the 220 dollar mishimoto performance radiator new instead? He also was going to buy a stock fuel pump I told him he should get the Walbro 255 lph fuel pump intsead for only 40 dollars more? Your thoughts
    16. razrman8
      Lol, supp playaa!!
    17. spyderdrifter
      I'm actually getting rid of my eclipse, and don't want the lights to go with it. So maybe we can work out a deal for them.
    18. amacrugby
      Havent been on for awhile since I sold the car. Anyway, I just picked up a new DSM today and its AWESOME. This one was professionally built unlike my last one. 2.3 stroker with hx40 and supporting mods. Heres a link:

    19. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      Hows Lucy doing?
    20. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      Hey homie I wasnt trying to offend your car with the whole gsx thing I talked to you in person before were still homies man. That HG4g4T guy got on one of my posts and just talked major crapped I actually almost got banned for the comments i sent him back. But no disregard man you still cool. your car still cool to.
    21. Dsm4lyfe12
      congratz on the carrrrr :)
    22. volcomsnow245
      nice car man.
    23. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      oh snap I dont no why i said that. your name says GSX I looked it over somehow.
    24. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      To 91 gsdohc shut the [email protected] up you god dam ricer you probably could not tell the difference between a 1.3 liter Mazda Rotary engine and a Honda Vtec.
    25. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      yeah I feel what you are saying man we got the accent. We have hunted and shoot guns but the problem is were a dsm in a Small block chevy environment Everyone hates my car but o well we got less weight, higher rpm, better aerodynamics and better drivetrains front wheel drive is better than rear wheel drive unless they have slicks but than if we got slicks it goes back to phase one and we are still better there and a majority of the time we got higher hp. So in the drag 1/4 world I think we got em.
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    December 19
    Prior Military


    -Josh || 1997 GSX & hunting for 10's
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