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2G bogging/hesitation/fuel cut-low rpm's only


Probationary Member
Jun 17, 2013
tuttle, Oklahoma
Ok, I'll try my best to explain this. On first start up is when its worse, at idle or driving. If i rev it up it cuts out and bogs down between 500-1800 rpms, same with driving on take off, it stalls at first then starts bogging down. If yo put the gas down further it will eventually back fire. with that said it will fight through and then drive fine the rest of the way.

A little background:

car sat a while, ran gas out and now on 4th tank
new plugs gaped.028
new fuel filter
new alternator
new battery

It has stock injectors, not sure about pump it is extremely loud though
16g with maft W/gm maf

That's what i know of and as far as I've gotten so far


Probationary Member
Oct 17, 2013
Puyallup, Washington

Got the new O-rings in, got the injectors in, same damn problems.:cry:

Same Here:

Heavily obvious, I'm driving in any gear, the car bucks like crazy like it is stalling in gear when I am 10% Throttle Accelerating, the rpms bounce from 1k-2k rpm, and 2k-3k rpm. In between those RPM ranges, the car bucks even when I am pressing the gas pedal, it is like it Completely cuts the fuel.
Every time I accelerate in gear, 10% throttle, the car goes up goes up and STOPS accelerating and makes a clunk while my foot is still on the gas, and the rpm bounces up down and then the car Reactivates in gear and accelerates like it is trying to get back to the same speed then Clunk it stops again and the rpms bounce down and shoot up 1k - 2k 1k-2k car bucking.
The car bucks, and every time I am decelerating, the car bucks at low rpms like 3 times. It goes, buck, buck , buck, and the symptoms are heavily obvious.

Any help appreciated on this thread. Thank you
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