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2G Auto trans slipping in 3rd


Proven Member
Sep 15, 2011
plano, Texas
Need some help, after not finding an answer searching online. Im working on getting my 2g back on the road after rebuilding the engine over the last few years. After having the car aligned a few weeks ago i had an issue that when i stopped at light after 20 min of driving, the car felt like it didn't want to move, almost like the e-brake was on. I tried in L, 2nd and drive and all felt the same. After sitting for a few(10 min or so) it finally started driving normal again. After i got home i checked all the brakes and they seemed fine, not overly hot. Tranny fluid was about a qt low so i thought that might have been the issue, the temp gauge said the trans fluid never got over 190 while driving.

Last night while driving the car around to test things out, when i first started driving there were no issue. However after about 20 min of normal driving the car seems to slip while in 3rd gear. The trans fluid had only warmed up to about 170 ish when this started happening. Putting the car in low and 2nd it drives fine, but as soon as I put the car in drive it free revs after it shifts into 3rd. Reverse works like normal as well. Tried with o/d both on and off, no change.

No TCU codes

Trans mods:
Stock TCU
precision torque converter
IPT Shift kit
New fluid and filter about 1k miles ago
Plenty of fluid checked in neutral
IPT end clutches installed about 5k miles ago
Last edited:


Nov 14, 2013
Independence, Kansas
Gonna need to pull the front pump out and then the 3rd clutch pack. Inspect, but I bet it is toasted and warped. I put Kiggly 5 pack front clutches in mine and it solved a free wheeling issue that 3rd had every now and then. It may not be your thing but that is what is going to need inspected and repaired. You could have a seal that is bad and not allowing apply fluid to the pack.


Proven Member
Jun 30, 2008
Pinckneyville, Illinois
Sounds like it's time for a rebuild. As mentioned you will need to pull the pump and clutch packs out. The 2G factory service manual can be found here:

Be sure to replace the seals on the pistons in the clutch packs. I've had good luck with the Precision rebuild kits and the Alto Eagle rebuild kits found on ebay. Also get rid of the stock TCU. Mine went bad causing it to down shift from 4th to 2nd randomly down the high way. DTR has mentioned they wouldn't build a trans for someone still using a stock TCU as it can wreck havoc on the trans. You have several options here, use a shift box (, or manually shift it with the blue wire mod and ratchet shifter.


Supporting Member
Nov 17, 2007
Columbus, Ohio
Yeah man, sorry but thats a GOOD diag. And unfortunately, you have isolated the issue. So its time to go deeper. Easiest thing would be just replace the clutch pack.

Question, did you replace the trans filter with a mitsu OEM filter?

And what fluid are you using? These girls are picky about the sticky.


Proven Member
Dec 9, 2010
wampum, Pennsylvania
It sounds to me like your tcu might have been acting up and left the transmission in limp mode at times, driving it like that for a long period will trash 3rd gear, after repairing or replacing the transmission be careful to observe the shifting of it for a few days to make sure that its not a tcu failure that is killing it.
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