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Alternative to the aluminum plug from the Superior transmission shift kit


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May 23, 2008
Acworth, Georgia
This is an alternative if you are planning to install a shift kit into your valve body. When you modify the valve body, one of the step is to flatten an aluminum plug onto the big steel separator plate and drill it to the recommend size. This is a make it or break it step. You only get one aluminum plug and you have to file it flat afterward. I personal don't like this step because it is too hard to get right. I did one valve body the with the aluminum plug and it works. However it was a pain to file down flat per the direction. When I killed that 1g transmission, I transferred the shift kit parts into a 2g transmission. I did not have that aluminum plug so I came up with a better idea than the aluminum plug.

Parts need:
-1/4" metric set screw (M8x1.25)- Home Depot
-Corresponding Allen wrench- Autozone
-M8x1.25 tap- Autozone
-red Loctite

Other parts option
-brass npt plug (don't know size but my friend was able to found the one that work)
-corresponding npt tap

Find or trace the spot in the pictures. Tap it using the recommended tap. Hold the set screw with a vice grip. Use the recommended drill bit shift kit and drill a hole through the set screw. Put some Loctite on the set screw and screw it in place. Clean up as much Loctite as you can just in case it flakes off. You can bang up the threads or flatten the set screws to lock into the valve body better. Leave the big metal separator plate alone because the restriction is now done by the hole in the set screw. Enjoy!

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There is no need to drill the aluminum valve body plate. The preexisting hole will accept the tap without any additional drilling.
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Jun 27, 2004
Chicago, Illinois
Great writeup, I was about to do this then I realized, isn't the pressure/flow being restricted in 2 places now, as you're not touching the hole in the separator plate which is smaller than the hole you're using the set screw in. I think the separator plate hole should be enlarged to match the old size of the hole the set screw went in, to achieve the results intended by the shift kit.

The shift kit instructions mark this as "BR", any ideas what it's for or if it's worth the effort on a blue wire mod/ratchet shift trans?
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