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ECUflash A couple questions


Proven Member
Jul 6, 2014
Miami, Florida
I am apprehensive about posting, but I am having a few questions about getting started using CeddyMods. I have read numerous pages of all of the large ECUflash threads, but the amount of random ecuflash information in them makes it daunting to read. I know there are some people here with deep knowledge of ceddymods.

1. How do I run speed density without first using a MAF? Is it even possible? This is the biggest thing for me right now, as it would be a pain to put back a maf and all that.

2.To start tuning my 99 gsx ecu, can I simply use the ROM that is provided with the program and then load it on mine? or does it have to be from my exact one?

3. Is it possible to use someone else's pre-tuned map or their tune and load it on to my ecu box, if they are using a similar setup?
I have an omni 4 bar, pte 880s, and an H1C turbo which is pretty much a less efficient hx35, i have an aem wideband that i believe is capable of logging, although not entirely sure how to do that.

As far as ceddymods go, i have purchased the SD package, I also have ECUflash installed, is Ceddymods just an extension type of deal to ECUFLASH? I believe so, it doesnt seem to be a standalone, and if it is I am obviosly doing something wrong.


15+ Year Contributor
May 6, 2008
Phoenix, Arizona
Well the short and simple answers to your questions...

1. Yes, you can go straight to SD if you want to without going back to MAF. It might take you a little longer to get your tune where you want it to be.

2. Yes you can use the tune that was provided to you when you purchased Ceddy mods SD map.

3. Yes, if you find someone with a setup similar setup and they are willing to share their tune with you.

Logging your wide band the AEM should have a 0-1v or 0-5 v output. Wire it into your rear or input and log directly through EVOscan. Then you just have to adjust your EVOscan formula to display the correct AFR.

As for Ceddy mods, it isn't exactly an extension of ECUflash. If anything think of it like a plug in. You cant use Ceddy mods with out ECUflash but you can use ECUflash without Ceddy mods.
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