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Nov 12, 2014
Minot, North_Dakota
Hey guys it’s been a while, I’ve recently decided to start working on the 1g since I sold my evo 8. From here and on out it a goal to make 550 awhp daily and drivable.

Now for the meantime I’ll mention the progress I’ve already made so far.

So the car I’ve had since 2014 and I’ve been messing with it on and off since then. Back in 2016 I tried selling the car because I was bored and wanted an evo 8 which I bought. But anyways I had a guy drive down to my town and test drive the car. He seemed to have s hard time even getting the car into gear at all and was struggling. He soon got mad and seemingly forced it into gear resulting in what I thought was a cracked or broken shift fork and the guy said well if you fix it I’ll buy it and took off. The car still drove but shifted very hard.

Fast foward a few weeks my buddy decided he wanted the car and told me to bring it over to pull the motor and transmission to get it rebuilt. So I did and we got that done in a matter of a day. We had the car in complete pieces for about a week before he decided to tell me he didn’t want it and wanted it out of his garage. I went and picked the car and all the pieces up and tucked it into the back of my driveway for the meantime having no motavation to touch it. While all this was happening I had dropped the transmission off the get it checked out and gone through if it needed it. By the time I got it back I found out nothing was wrong internally but a couple of worn syncros that got replaced. It ended up being bad shift cables, so I ordered those and was planning on doing arp head studs and head gasket and slapping it back together. Few month go by and I finally get the motor on the stand and disassemble it and get the head off. With only 117,000 miles on the car and motor the cylinder walls were so nice and the pistons also. It took me about 2 weeks to a month to get it together and get the timing stuff back on because it was in my girlfriends garage and we ended up breaking up and I moved all my shit to my shop at the time. By the time I had the motor ready to go it had been about a year since the initial tear down.

I finally got a sliver of motavation to work on the car about a month after that and me and a few buddies dropped the motor and transmission back in we got the wiring harness and everything to start the car hooked up just to make sure it would before assembling everything. As we went to start it it was misfiring and spitting and sputtering and backfiring which led me to find we had the cams 180 degrees off making the wrong valves often at the wrong times. So I lost all motivation and the car sat for another 9 months through the rest of that summer and winter. I ended up parting ways with my evo January 11, 2018 and when warming weather hit I had nothing to cruise around with like all my friends did. I decided I better get her going after 2 years and one day got under it pulled the timing cover and redid the timing and that’s when it all started over again. My love for these cars just kicked back in when I heard it fire up for the first time in 2 years.

After putting the drive shaft and axels back In, I got in the car and drove it up and down my driveway to test it out and it was perfect. Later that night I ordered a mishimoto radiator plus fans and fan shroud, Vrsf front mount intercooler kit, and a couple weeks later after finally finding one I got dsm link v3.

Right now I’m at the point waiting for some small parts but I plan on putting the front mount in and going e85 on the 16g turbo I have until I decide between a 20g or an hx-40. I plan on updating this thread often and I’m glad to answer and questions. I’m in Minot, North Dakota and I know there’s not a lotta support up here for these so I’d like to share my builds and hopefully motivate someone to get one. I’m gonna add some pictures bellow


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